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  1. I'm looking to lighten the front end on my 2017 4RT - potentially with an after market front wheel. The 300RR front end is much lighter - I have to believe that shaving weight there is worth the cost. Anyone have any recommendations on where I could get a spoked rim for it - in the US or in the UK? Anyone have any thoughts about other worthwhile mods to make the front end lighter? Thanks
  2. The fan had worn through the plastic casing and was "dinging" on the metal cable casing - hence the new noise. Generally the "holder thing" by the tank that connects the throttle cable to the clutch cable seems a bit weak - its odd that the throttle cable is not held better lower down, but hey...
  3. Bingo - exactly the issue! Not sure why it started now, but I see some wear on cable right in front of the fan. Thanks thats_a_five - your a diagnostic machine!
  4. I have a 2017 4Rt with about 60 hour on it. At the end of a ride after making a two wheel landing (solid landing but no major crash or anything), the engine started making an odd ticking noise - sounded a bit like the kickstart was engaging. After it cooled (next session), the sound had gone, so I rode an hour session with no noise. Then after another 2 wheel landing (hop from a 1 foot ledge), it started up again. Loud at first then dies off. After it cooled, sound gone. Recently changed oil filter - maybe 2 hours ago. Otherwise no works to speak of... Anyone has any thoughts?
  5. I'm in the US suffering from a lack of local parts supply :-( . Working on an oil filter change I damaged the flywheel cover gasket. Its going to take 8 days to get one shipped from the UK. Several questions: - Does anyone know the correct gasket type if I want to try and cut one from sheet (thickness and type)? - Anyone in the US got a better supply channel than overseas shipment (my usual group of providers don't seem to stock it)? - Anyone tried to use one of the silicon goo product to fix something like this? Thanks Darran
  6. Thanks for all the feedback. I did take it back to the dealer and they said there was a white sludge in the M/C - looked mike it was mixed with water. They cleanded and flushed with DOT 4 and it was back. For a single ride only!! It then started back again!! I'm confident I've got he oils right - newbie here but got that down. One thought. Could it be that I need to use a higher grade brake fluid ? Otherwise, its going back to the dealer again - bloody annoying as I want to right the dam thing not cart it back and forth to the shop! Thanks
  7. A brief history for your diagnostic pleasure: - Its a 4 month old 2017 4RT, been ridden plenty, but like new - no knocks or damage - running the right transmission oil - The clutch has always felt odd to me - really on and off - but I put it down to new bike, newby on trials - Recently it became wildly erratic - super jumpy, sometime won't engage, then its back - The engagement point seems to move around then suddenly it won't engage at all - Thinking it must be an air problem I've bled the system three times, the last bottoms up, not a bubble - Stock MC looks fine, no leaks, don't see any cable leaks TTF is going on! Does this sound like a symptom you've seen before? Can you help? Do I need to take it back to the dealer? Thanks
  8. djr_austin

    Race Gas

    Its a 2017 4RT - pipe / plug fine - only ran two tanks through it - dropped the race gas and its back purring like a pussy :-)
  9. djr_austin

    Race Gas

    Right on. Ask your friend where he gets it. I'm back at the pump getting 93 with 10% ethanol and will gladly switch - 93, unleaded, 0%, gas station, in Austin - peachy! Thanks!
  10. Nice. What is the fuel cap you have there - I'd like to get rid of the pipe etc on my 17...
  11. djr_austin

    Race Gas

    I'm back with more newbie questions from the Brit on a new 4RT in Austin Texas :-) On the promise of a cleaner burning engine, I moved from ethanol "enriched" gas in the 91-93 range, to VP 110 race gas. Outside of the price, I like the stuff bar one thing. I'm seeing some odd engine behavior in the following scenario. When opened up on the loop trail out to one our our sections, when I'm in a high gear with gas on, its feels like the engine in faltering and might even stall a little. As I gas off it seems to idle down too fast - it recovers cos its a Monty :-) but does this imply something is wrong? Shoud I have changed something with the gas? Should I not bother with the race gas thing and live with the fear of the "dirty engine later in life"? Thanks in advance for the help of this awesome forum.
  12. I like the adjustability thought with Apico - wasn;t sure it that was a gimick First season and I'm now getting an appreciation to how critical correct and consistent cloutch adjustment can be. Thanks!
  13. Anyone have a recommendation for replacements short levers on my 4RT? Thanks in advance!
  14. Is the stock a 10/44 too?
  15. Please share make and any issues with fitting - I like this idea! Thanks!
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