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  1. I agree! neatsfoot oil is great and cheap compared to other options, a few coats and they are soon like a pair of old slippers! I did remember hearing years ago though that the neatsfoot oil can destroy the stitching, has anyone else heard or experienced this?
  2. Thanks guys! I have a manual, I was kind of looking for tips really from guys that have done it before, to make the job less painful! Lol. Just one more thing, anyone know the torque settings for the crankcase bolts? Can't find it in the manual
  3. Hi guys, anybodys opinion on when the first oil/filter change should be on a new 300RR? Gear oil at the same time? Cheers!
  4. Hi guys, I've got a banjo bolt on the calliper that I can't stop weeping. I've had two go's at it now and it's still weeping, it's only very slight, looks wet around the bolt after a few days, should I leave it? Should I try hard fibre washers instead of copper ? Should I wrap the banjo threads in PTFE? Any ideas would be much appreciated guys
  5. Thanks for all your help on this matter, cheers!
  6. Last question, I've read the PTB last night and from what I can gather installed a different map but nowhere does it give me the option of choosing which mode to write? How do I select which mode to write? Is it the switch on the handle bar?
  7. Thanks for a reply! The lead I have has a USB on it, Your saying this is the wrong lead? It's an official Honda part. And whatever happens I can only change the one map? The last one they installed in the PTB?
  8. Hi guys, one for you tech experts. I have the twin map PTB on my 300rr and wanted to play around with some maps, the software I have is the HRC RTL 260F, does anyone know if this is correct for the job and if not, which one is right and where to get it? Cheers! P.S all you old farts with your links to ordnance survey map sites and "just learn to ride" I've heard it all before!
  9. Has anyone had any experience back bleeding a new bractec system? I believe that back bleeding is the best way to get a good solid feel at the lever but there is no way I can force the fluid back through the system. Any help would be much appreciated
  10. where do you get your maps from? And have you found a fav map? Thanks for your help, have found it most useful
  11. Cheers for that! Had a look at there site, the cables don't look complete? How does it plug into the laptop? I don't see any USB or D plugs in the picture or description Is your throttle body a twin map ? As I heard the software has to be the latest edition for it to work?
  12. Yes I have the throttle body, its a 2017 300rr. future trials? Have you got a link? Or is it through H&D racing as I know they sell future trials parts
  13. I'm looking to mess around with different maps in my bike, does anyone know where I can buy the leads / software needed for the job?
  14. Your opinions guys on what gear to use to ride clubman level trials in wonderfully wet Yorkshire. its a new bike after ten years off. i finished riding a 4rt ten years ago so I'm not a total stranger to the machine. i remember all those years ago not getting to grips with what gear I should be in, first or second. last week I was on a training course and the instructor who rides a 4rt very very well said 2nd gear ALWAYS!! With plenty of clutch if necessary. second gear on the stock sprockets seems very fast in the sections. i will not change the sprockets under any circumstances, I'm a tight Yorkshire man!! just want your opinions guys on how you ride.
  15. I'm just getting back into trials after a ten year lay off, I'm starting off with the same brand of bike which has saved me a bit of money as I had built up a spare parts stock. i have a sealed up one ltr of the very expensive HTX740 but it's ten years old. You you guys use it??
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