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  1. betarob

    Supresser Cap?

    I think it's an old man that can't see too good these days, put the cap on upside down inside out and smashed the seat down lol.
  2. Just spoken to andy the shock man and he says the reiger is 15mm longer.
  3. Hi there Will a reiger shock designed for a nee gasgas fit a 13 sherco? As in length width etc Thanks
  4. Hes on holiday I think for a bit. Could somebody recommend a good weight for the flywheel as I can have it machined down slightly. thanks
  5. Hi there, Ive got an 07 scorpa sy250 and wondered if I could do a few things to help with throttle response and pick up. Its no way near a gasgas or sherco of similar age and although I'm not expecting miracles it would be nicer to get it a little sharper. Ive already advanced the ign. but have looked at three possible options: Keihin flat slide (if it fits???) Reeds Lightening flywheel (no idea by how much??) Any help appreciated thanks
  6. Quick update, still not sorted it out yet, removed airbox completely today and it revved out cleanly as if the airbox is a big restriction. Took reedblock off and checked reeds which were all perfect too. I checked the exhaust and this is not a cause of the problem for definite. I also tried running the bike without airfilter in place and still wouldnt quite rev out. Any help would be appreciated! I cant do much more in terms of airflow so Im stuck at what to do. Perhaps a smaller main jet? although as stated above the jetting is already standard. Thanks very much
  7. Hey there, Out of interest are there any alternatives to the standard, massive sy kickstart from another Yam engine? Thanks
  8. just looked into it and a 145 main is standard from the factory! ill try it out again tomorrow and report back.
  9. also found out im running a 145 main jet, does this not sound a tad large? thanks
  10. right just tried it with the mudguard off and airfilter out and it made a big difference, Revs a lot cleaner and nicer! The filter I bought was unbranded, blue with a black rubber seal around the top, could this be the problem? thanks
  11. well I worked it out yesterday its probably at around 45:1 haha! stupid I know I used scoot sport oil that silkolene do. I got it cheap but its been fine in all thje bikes I've ran before! I usually run at 70:1 but becuse the bike had been standing for a while I thought best to richen it up a little, I think I went too far!!!!
  12. Right, cleaned the carb out throughly today, blasted out the main and pilot jets and ensured the choke is going all the way down. Went out for a little ride and it's certainly better! It's still flat at the very top end though which is horrible to ride with but definitely an improvement. I also tried moving the needle clip up 1 notch and this just made it run lean everywhere. The clip is currently on the second from bottom notch. Is this standard? I have been running the bike very rich in 2 stroke oil temporarily as I've only just bought it and wanted to make sure. Could this be the problem?
  13. very good idea! which notch should it be set to? thanks just thought though surely the needle height governs how much fuel is introduced into the mixture. It looks like it's getting enough fuel although I'm not sure!
  14. Hey there, I've just bought a scorpa 250 2007 and it seems to not rev properly past mid revs. It's almost like its very choked and boggy around the top and as a result there's no power there! It's had a new filter, cleaned carb out (without taking jets out admittedly), new plug and the air/fuel screw seems set right because the bike rides well at low throttle. All the breathers are clear (not sure on the tank breather but doubtful that it 's the issue) and fuel is flowing well to the carb. If anyone can shed some light on the situation please do! Thanks in advance Rob
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