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  1. Andy

    Factory 2020

    11am UK time tomorrow
  2. Andy

    SSDT Website

    Many will be aware that Trials Central has provided and operated the official website for the Scottish Six Days Trial since 2015. By mutual agreement with the organising Club, that arrangement has now come to an end. The Club were keen to take the site back in-house and, for me it was an awful lot of work with SSDT week itself being a non-stop run of 16-hour minimum days. I don’t even do that kind of hours for the job that pays the mortgage! It had become an obligation more than something I enjoyed doing and when you stop enjoying something, it’s time to move on and do something else. This is a totally amicable agreement and the Club have full access to everything on the current website to port over to the new one they are having built so none of the extensive historical information that’s been added over the past five years should be lost. I don't know when this new site will be up and running, but the current one will remain in place till then, it just won't be updated any more.
  3. Andy


    Dabill, Sadler, Dan Peace. Richardson fastest man. Jack Price missed a section. Just got results so will have them up shortly.
  4. There's a bug in the template. It's not a 2 minute fix though. Been on my to do list for too long so I'll switch back to the default template as I know that works.
  5. Andy

    Forum upgrades

    I've carried out some upgrades this morning. As part of this, everything is re-indexed which takes a fair bit of time. Until this is completed some elements (like classified ads) won't display properly or will throw up errors. This should be rectified in a couple of hours.
  6. Give people time. It's Sunday and for most that is riding day.
  7. Andy


    I watched it once and Jake Miller screaming like a banshee making out it was a lot more exciting than it actually was put me off for life. 😖
  8. Correct. There are no Facebook like/share buttons on TC, nor any links to Facebook due to their tracking policies.
  9. Really? According to the FIM Supplementary Regs the lap length for Netherlands was 1KM and for Belgium it was 5KM. Source of this requirement?
  10. It could just be a small company living within their means and not splashing cash they don't have. We've all seen where that leads. Media coverage/exposure is down compared to the last couple of years and Belgium is hardly a hotbed of Trials so why go to all the expense of attending when 1) Cabestany is bound to win it regardless and 2) It's a World Cup, not a World Championship so actually pretty meaningless.
  11. Andy

    Future of Gasgas

    I see he's joined Electric Motion.
  12. Andy

    Future of Gasgas

    Given that other marques of a similar or even smaller size survive just fine, it's pretty apparent this situation is down to gross mismanagement - again. The bigger issue, and one there may be no return from even if they sort the latest problems out, is consumer confidence. You can have the best product going, but if people are wary about the stability of the company, all but the most loyal will shop elsewhere.
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