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  1. Something to be aware of if you plan on riding Trials in Europe this year, particularly the young lads and lasses gearing up for the World/European Championships. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46891186 (I'm locking this because this isn't a political forum and I don't want the usual suspects spouting a load of bollocks about Brexit...)
  2. Andy

    Classifieds Bug Fixed

    A problem was identified with the Classifieds system whereby the "Advert Actions" dropdown wasn't working, making it impossible to edit or delete an existing advert. This has now been fixed. Any further problems, PM me.
  3. Andy

    Old **** following the sun

    I thought you were dead? Can't be far off it now. ☠️
  4. Document below. Ran it through a PDF optimiser and got it down to a more manageable 1.2MB INTRODUCTION OF OSSA START SYSTEM ASSIST.pdf
  5. Andy

    FIM Take Back TrialGP Series

    No. The manufacturers have been against the idea of a promoter ever since the idea was first put forward. It's all very strange. 🤔
  6. Andy

    FIM Take Back TrialGP Series

    Saw it with my own eyes far too often. The Italians are the worst, with the French not far behind them and it's not the riders, it's the Observers. In this case I'm sure there are loads of videos on phones, BUT they're on Italian phones. You'd have thought if a video proved the observer had made a mistake calling the five it would have been all over the Interweb, but there hasn't been anything. On the other hand, if any video proves the observer was right in his initial decision, it's never going to see the light of day.
  7. Andy

    FIM Take Back TrialGP Series

    If they were going to do something, they'd have done it before the Awards Ceremony and that was three weeks ago.
  8. Andy

    FIM Take Back TrialGP Series

    See my previous reply.
  9. Andy

    FIM Take Back TrialGP Series

    How cool to be able to tell the grandkids you were part of the biggest airborne invasion the world has ever seen 😂
  10. Andy

    FIM Take Back TrialGP Series

    When you've got such a diverse group of cultures and nationalities and so many personal agendas and egos, you could put Mother Theresa in charge and there would still be friction. That said, I could see it coming and it was one of the reasons I gave it up. The other being the majority of people I speak to see it as little more than a circus that is so far apart from what they do on a Sunday, they're not really interested. It was no longer worth my while using all my annual holidays from the real job covering it. I don't think anyone can deny Sport 7 raised the profile of the Series and it definitely came across as a lot more professional and more fitting of its World Championship status, but it would appear that wasn't enough.
  11. Andy

    FIM Take Back TrialGP Series

    I believe it will be totally man-made. I considered it as it's close to Arnhem and that's on my list of WWII places to visit.
  12. Andy

    FIM Take Back TrialGP Series

    I suspect there was a degree of sarcasm in the statement
  13. Andy

    Richard Thorpe Aka "Mr PJ1"

    I have some photos of Richard at the Scottish Pre-65 Trial here. If any of his family happen to see this and would like the hi-res originals, get in touch. No charge, obviously.