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  1. Andy

    1969 SSDT

    1969 SSDT Programme might be of some help
  2. Andy

    World Trial Calender

    Revised calendar published
  3. Andy

    Hello from the Desert.

    @cota kid have you any experience or contacts for shipping bikes to middle East?
  4. Andy

    No GB round 2019

    That's exactly what Sport7 did. Anglesey is a race circuit. From what I can gather the ACU decided working with a new venue was too much work so approached John Kerwin about running it at Tong again, but he's declined for this year.
  5. Andy

    No GB round 2019

    I believe so. Apparently the manufacturers didn't want to go there. Feel sorry for the guy behind it as he spent a fortune importing rock. I wouldn't be making any plans until a revised calendar comes out.
  6. Andy

    No GB round 2019

    The Spanish youngsters get a lot of support from the RFME, paid for by their higher licence fees. Any attempt to increase licence fees in the UK to fund Youth Trials would be met with French-style rioting on the streets of Silsden.
  7. Andy

    No GB round 2019

    Trial2 and Trial125 are now both World Championships. They didn't used to be, they were "World Cup" which is somehow different in the eyes of the FIM, but they do have full Championship status now.
  8. Andy

    No GB round 2019

    I understand there may be other changes to the calendar originally published by Sport7. I believe Holland is out because the manufacturers didn't want to go there. Hope nobody's booked travel.
  9. Andy

    Is anyone ....working?

    @section swept is there a competition between you and @oni nou as to which of you can fill these forums with the most bollocks? 🤔
  10. Andy

    2019 X-Trial on TV in USA

    Hope their video is better than their live results. No Dan Peace, no Dabill and two Grattarolas (who isn't even riding) 🤔
  11. Andy

    2019 X-Trial on TV in USA

    I see Cabestany has got a gig commentating on it, though I'd imagine that to be in Spanish only. PS. Save money by just paying for one round and watching it seven times 😂
  12. Something to be aware of if you plan on riding Trials in Europe this year, particularly the young lads and lasses gearing up for the World/European Championships. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46891186 (I'm locking this because this isn't a political forum and I don't want the usual suspects spouting a load of bollocks about Brexit...)
  13. Andy

    Classifieds Bug Fixed

    A problem was identified with the Classifieds system whereby the "Advert Actions" dropdown wasn't working, making it impossible to edit or delete an existing advert. This has now been fixed. Any further problems, PM me.
  14. Andy

    Old **** following the sun

    I thought you were dead? Can't be far off it now. ☠️
  15. Document below. Ran it through a PDF optimiser and got it down to a more manageable 1.2MB INTRODUCTION OF OSSA START SYSTEM ASSIST.pdf