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  1. Bike sounds Great! Love the quick rev sound! I like my vintage bikes to rev like a modern bike, Keeps my timing consistent on obstacles. Before replacing CDI box first check the grounding, both for the CDI box and the engine to frame contact. Many of problematic bike and car I have fixed that way. Also disconnect your kill button. You have me watching for a TS or DS 185 for a project myself😉
  2. Some fan switches are thermostats that close contacts over a certain temp and some are thermistors which pull a reference voltage down that is generated by the ignition module. Thermistors cannot handle fan current flow. Recommend that you install the correct component for your bike.
  3. Couldn’t help but notice you have Magura power pull levers,they have about the most amount of cable pull/least leverage of any lever. I like to use Honda CR replacement levers,they have the most leverage/least cable pull / best lever bend that I have found. Domino levers have good leverage too. I might be concerned your clutch will be a bear to use with the Magura.
  4. I rigged up the mount onto the skid pan so that I wouldn’t be kicking against two small 6mm studs on my clutch cover,they were already so hammed it was tough fixing them up enough to prevent clutch cover leaks, I just made up a couple of right angle brackets to hold the stopper bracket. Lots of measuring and test fitting to get placement just right but no more stress on the engine itself. Sorry,Jumbo is buried into the rear of garage right now to make garage room for wife’s car due to snowy weather or I would snap a pic for you.
  5. You need a totally stock TS to display next to it😉 Looks fantastic! I keep looking at junker TS185 zooks on marketplace,but doing house remodel and garage build coming up so no time for fabricating fun😒for awhile,2 years until retirement though You might find with a bit of research you could use the green SKF fork seals instead of the Betor wipers,expensive,but they work great and the color would compliment your frame 😀
  6. I’m thinking this vintage build is really going to put the pressure on him to ride it very well! Frank, You’ll be expected to provide us with a riding video once you are done😉
  7. And the fuel you are left with is damn poor stuff, looses about 3 points of octane rating. Best to just buy proper fuel to begin with.
  8. Just put everything together all oiled up and leave the cylinder head off, spin it with a electric drill . You can even set the timing dynamically that way. I just had to diagnose a Sherco 250 that was violently kicking back, broke the kicker even. I pulled the plug, highlighted the TDC mark they have and spun it with a strong electric drill. Saw it was firing 4 times a revolution, only way it could do that would be triggering off of the charging coils feeding back through the ground circuit into the trigger pickup circuit. yep, bad ground. Would have been sucky trial and error component replacement if I hadn't of spun it up, instead of recognizing exactly what the real symptoms were.
  9. Cool, carry on with your plans! Very interested in how this turns out😀
  10. I realize you are in deep but maybe a different set of forks? You could go to a set without the offset axle and fabricate some triple clamps that would give you the same geometry as a modern bike,and the greater depth of the fabricated clamps required for non offset forks would increase your steering lock.
  11. Yea,but if fabricating seems like a good time to flip it for better cable routing. I like the cable in front of the forks for easier management.
  12. Shouldn’t the brake backing plate be on the left fork leg?
  13. Cool, Hope to meet you at a future trials then, I will give you some Southern Indiana Trials Team stickers😀
  14. So you will need to have some sort of decent transport in addition to getting a trials bike. Company renting something for you?
  15. Trials Inc. best chance on locating a used bike is probably on Facebook. Where will you be in Ohio? Specific city and I can likely get you contact info.
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