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  1. Hi All, Can a spilt in the outer [foral] be repaired and can I change outers so that the repaired fork can be put on the spring side only side and use the better outer for the damping side? Thanks P.S. I have seen some reference to conventional fork conversions. Is this hassle free or do brakes, wheels [and obviously triple clamps] need changing?
  2. Sorry Basil I missed your reply way back then - ended up buying a complete linkage and shock [mine was blown] and replaced the lot.
  3. It might be sucking a little gearbox oil through the inlet tube between the carb and the rotary valve?
  4. Hi All, Anybody have the bearing part number or specs for the spherical jobbie in the lower shock mount? I pretty sure its a 90 280cc.
  5. we shortened the outer and rewelded the arm to be closer to 90 feels better already.
  6. reginald

    Wheel Rebuild

    sorry didnt get back to you - turned out the wheel was f#$ded so i bought a fantic 84 wheel - didnt measure but looks like the off set is equal
  7. reginald

    Swm Tl 125

    Thanks brownie yeah you were right - it was the screw next to the idle it was out half a turn - 1.5 and shes fine - Doh!!
  8. hey Stu got the dimensions of the hemi (spherical ) brg that the shock connects to??
  9. Does that mean you need a different front brake cable ie longer?
  10. No Mate, and on closer inspection found that the repaired one was even further away from the 90 degrees - that at least solved almost no brakes on the 125 but I still wonder if the 1980 design is better.
  11. My 82 has the brake arm out to the front and I don't believe it works as well as this design with the arm at 90 degrees to diameter across the cam and pivot as in the one pictured above. Anybody tried this mod on a latter model and did it help? Cheers Mark
  12. reginald

    Wheel Rebuild

    Im getting some work done now and they used one wheel as a template so its been all specced up. Will share this with you but wont be till next week.
  13. reginald

    Swm Tl 125

    ok fitted new jet - shes still playing up - starts easy on choke revs hi then dies when choke is closed. it had blocked jets that started this whole journey and we have cleaned the jets with carby cleaner and oxy tip cleaners (gently) and no go. is it possible to reassemble the carb and get it wrong? thanks in advance for any help on this one.
  14. the old girl dragged me round a wet (for oz) enduro - did me proud
  15. reginald

    Swm Tl 125

    thanks guys - so have i got the right one - the pilot jet is the one next to the main yeah(the missing one)?
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