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  1. What speed is your idle set at? Ensure you have not put too much oil onto the air filter.

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    Custom Sörra SWM Trials Riding Kit - Brand new, never worn - Size Large. From the Sorra Website, Large is: Shirt Size: 108-113cm (Chest) Pant Size: 80-90cm (Waist) I would personally describe the size as definitely a medium for the western countries. From the Sorra Website, Medium is: Shirt Size: 102-107cm (Chest) Pant Size: 75-85cm (Waist)

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  3. I assume it is not hard to turn when the spindle nut is loose? Have you fitted the same bush/spacer that is placed inside the hub between the two wheel bearings on the spindle?
  4. GRO 75W Gear Extreme is a very good replacement for ELF
  5. Theoretically the woodruff key should not take any load from the engine at all, it only locates the flywheel correctly for timing purposes. I would be investigating the torque you are using to retain the flywheel onto the tapered fit. Also worth checking the tapered fit itself and maybe lapping it to correct if the fit/surface is poor.
  6. I'd be checking the throttle cable/carb. You might have a cable routing issue which is holding the slide slightly open.
  7. Use a coarse file to create some filings onto a piece of paper, set the piece of paper on fire and use it (the non-burning end) to sprinkle the filings into the flame. If they catch fire as they meet the flame its magnesium otherwise its aluminium.
  8. kurtas

    Gas Gas Help

    If you can see the oil half way up the sightglass, with the bike level, you are at the correct oil level.
  9. Has anyone replaced or rebuilt the stock rear shock absorber on a Mecatecno Alevin?
  10. File the kickstart where it is getting jammed, they sometimes build a small piece of aluminium that hooks into the peg.
  11. Have you set the points gap correctly? If you can feel a charge at the spark plug you mustn't have too much wrong.
  12. If they are 10-12 feet up like marcelli was there should be some form of matting on the ground rather than a nice piece of concrete to crunch into. It wouldn't be too hard to get some foam and place a cover on it so it looked visually appealing for the crowd. With the size of the obstacles now in indoor comps they are lucky that they haven't injured anyone worse than Bou the other year.
  13. Rockshocks make a shock to fit.
  14. Most side stands have 2 mount points for the spring at the bracket that mounts to the swingarm. One point self retracts with the spring and the other one allows the spring to go past centre and hold the stand in position.
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