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  1. Paint Thinners works good for removing carbon.
  2. Normally pop on by 70-80 Pound. Have you tried bouncing the tyre on the ground while at 70 pound in the location where it hasn't fully seated.
  3. kurtas

    new models ?

    Bold new graphics and Aluminium side stand is my guess.
  4. Too much fuel if only starts full throttle. If you can get it running disconnect the fuel hose and let it idle until it runs out of fuel, give it a week then reconnect the fuel hose and start it immediately. If your problems solved you need to look at the float needle valve.
  5. kurtas

    Beta rev 50 want start

    If its sparking a nice blue outside your engine as arthritic suggests you've got a fuel/carby problem. Since its so immediate it is obviously a significant error. Could be flooded crankcase from leaving fuel tap on for a long period, ensure it is empty by kicking without fuel connected and spark plug out. Is float height correct, floats fitted correct way, float valve seating correctly, needle fitted correctly to slide, jets fitted correctly.
  6. kurtas

    Beta rev 50 want start

    Does it spark with plug outside the engine? Disconnect the Kill switch - repeat. Check voltage to HT coil Then maybe CDI.
  7. Remote reservoir for the rear shock?
  8. What is the engine braking feel compared to the 300RR? E-Pure SL350 Cota 349 Sherpa 159 How did I go?
  9. kurtas

    Evo 4t chain

    Don't know but my guess is the length between the Counter shaft sprocket and the rear wheel sprocket is different between 2T and 4T.
  10. kurtas

    Brake fade

    Most likely the piston seal of the master cylinder is buggered and oil slowly bypasses as you hold pressure. I have ridden a trial ABSing the rear brake because I didn't have a rebuild kit.
  11. Are you a previous Montesa owner? If not you may have the wrist connected to knee syndrome where you crack the throttle on every time you kick start the bike. They like to be started on zero throttle.
  12. Looks like its off a Beta and early Betas had Paioli's.
  13. What I would do: Really give it a good clean out with wire brush, emery etc and then basically render the whole inside with a liquid metal epoxy. Sand/grind it all back so your impeller fits, replace the seal and never speak of it again.
  14. Isn't that a car engine oil? so you would be running friction modifiers etc explaining the clutch slip.
  15. kurtas

    Kickstart stuck

    Get an impact driver onto it. You never want to use something to wedge a gear/basket/whatever.
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