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  1. Does the wheel on the end of the index lever rotate? As you obviously have a bit of wear on the drum.
  2. Have you tried popping the tyre off the bead and rotating the rim around within the tyre to rectify the valve angle, then reinflate and bead the tyre and see what happens.
  3. Couldn't you remove the clutch basket and disconnect the the primary gear from the rest of the gearbox. Then you can check each of the crank and gearbox individually.
  4. ATF is what I run in my SWM, Rotax engine like the Climber.
  5. From memory they just use the spring in the master cylinder. Have you got free play at the levers, otherwise they will pump up and drag. otherwise the pistons at the caliper or the piston in the master cylinder is at fault. Fairly common for crap to get up into the master cylinder and start causing problems.
  6. Have you removed and decoked the entire exhaust system? How much oil have you used in the air filter?
  7. Fixed it for you. Best advice is to point it in a direction free of obstacles.
  8. Beta has the easiest kick of all the bikes. If he likes a 250 over the 125 you need to look at a flywheel weight or carburation, the 2012 Beta 125 may have been running lean.
  9. kurtas

    4rt spark plug

    I use a deep socket
  10. Don't get a Montesa if you want a quiet bike. I'd probably keep the Rev before the Tenaci Wong, you would have no real performance gain by changing. Clutches will be equivalent on a newer bike then what the Rev is, the mechanical function is the same. The diaphragm clutches of GasGas, Ossa and late model Sherco, Scorpa seem to offer a larger friction zone than the basket clutch design but it is marginal and nothing you cant adapt to. Have you filed the faces of the clutch basket where the tangs of the clutch plates contact, if these have worn grooves you would get a light switch clutch.
  11. Nothing tells the gears they aren't lubricated with oil
  12. Sounds like you're missing gearbox oil
  13. How does a bike Snack? Clean carby and try again but sounds like HT coil if it runs okay without any load.
  14. Paint Thinners works good for removing carbon.
  15. Normally pop on by 70-80 Pound. Have you tried bouncing the tyre on the ground while at 70 pound in the location where it hasn't fully seated.
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