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  1. So that sounds about right. Will try charging each battery separate. But still no idea why it's not kicking in. Anyone got any ideas were to test etc
  2. Got a oset 20r on standard Battery and charger. It won't charge. Red light on but no other or fan. So I've pulled connection s apart on charger socket and getting 60v dc. Seems a bit high. Presumed it would be around 48v dc. Is this right,
  3. Hi no had it last 20yrs. Just got it running again. Remember putting hole in a case on one when I was a kid. Right so it must be to do with actual mechanism. Some times there is nothing there on kick start / slipping. Wondering if it's not engaging properly. Will have to look.
  4. Hi got my ty 200 majesty running to day but kick start in only working at very bottom. Seems to be slipping. Shaft end is good and new end on kickstart so only can presume inside. Remember on shaft there is a pressed like part on shaft. And being Told to weld this on to stop slipping. Anyone done this???
  5. Is there any way of making clutch lighter. Ie different lever, oil type or mods. Also rear disc don't linr up in middle of calliper. Think its spacer to long which has worn disc bad, what size fits as its 17 inch wheel. Thanks
  6. Havent looked at bike yet so will it be obvuise the year or is it a letter???. How many digits should there be in a frame no thanks
  7. Wow id be wanting my money back if i had to beat it like that
  8. How can i tell year of beta 50. Going to look tonite at one..liquid cooled, discs. Told its 2004. Any sign on frame eng numbers or date stamps on plastics rims etc.
  9. Sorted it, was aluminium washer not correctly down on shaft, thanks simon
  10. Been told i lost a washer that goes on end of shaft that casing pushes up to? Were can i find a parts diagram
  11. Engine been in bits and Kick start sticks dosnt return. When i loosen 3 bolts nearist shaft on casing it works fine. My sugestion is 2 gaskets. Or have i put something in wrong???
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