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  1. Why would I bother rebuilding the rear shocks b40rt? what sort of stupid question is that? if it was a show bike then I wouldn't worrie if there was any oil in them at all!!! you silly man!! or woman!
  2. Hi dose anyone have or know of where I can get new or in good condition fantic 300 1984 badges for the side panels/petrol tank covers? the silver and black ones there are some on ebay but they don't look like they are very good. thanks for the info
  3. thanks for the info. so one person has said 200-220ml and someone else has said 90-95ml. anyone have anymore info about it please? thanks.
  4. Dose anyone know how much oil to put in marzocchi shocks (each side) for a fantic 300 1984? and what oil? thanks.
  5. Hi I have just got a 300 1984 and there's a oil leak around the spyglass or view glass any ideas on what to do? ?
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