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  1. I didn’t take care of my Jitsie guards. From the moisture last season, they are now hard, dry and lost form. Short of buying a new set of guards, does anyone have recommendations to refresh the guards? I can use them but they are not as comfortable as when new. Just wondering if other folks experienced similar condition.
  2. Thank you for your input.
  3. I want to refresh my Sherco specifically regrease wheel bearings, steering head bearings, and swing arm bearings. Are there Any guides, manuals, YouTube vids on the topic? I want to do myself but I have limited mechanical ability. You thoughts would be appreciated.
  4. Did anyone adjust the Factory Rebound Settings to slow down the rebound of the rear shock? If you did, did it significantly help your riding?
  5. Thanks for comments. This is my 3rd Trials bike.
  6. I have a 15 Sherco ST 290. Bike is performing well. I am soliciting your opinion as a trials rider. Do you have a little slack in your throttle? Or no slack at all. Bike was set up with a little travel in the throttle. I know it's a personal preference but I want your opinion.
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