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  1. Well it has to be said the ssdt website is pretty poor, at least on a mobile. Jitsie is good , but again on a mobile I can see where everyone is place wise, but the screen doesn't fit so can't see the scores.
  2. Majesty. Mick Andrews. John E Shirt. TY. Made sense at the time !! Shirty built my 200 engine when I rode for Sammy. Often wondered if it's still around. Shirty 200, in a Miller hiboy frame with extra bits !!!
  3. Hi all , using my buddy jacks sign in !! My name's Steve West rode trials for waterside jmcc in the late 70's and 80's. Sponsored rider for Sammy Miller, Chapman BSA and beta. Then privateer on a fantic section and a montesa 315. Mainly southern center, south west center. Did the nationals through the 80's usually top ten ish. Ymsa six day , and Junior kick-start. Would be great to hear from some of the guys who remembers those days and events. Cheers. Oh , live in Canada now just about retired but still riding !!! 2021 beta 4T factory.
  4. Well , Steve West would be another from 83. Not on the list. Chapman BSA at the time of filming. If he would have been in heat 2 or 3 would have been in the final, but had heat 1 with woody hole who won that year. Rode until 85 then again 96-99 MacArthy fantic then Miller supported montesa 315. Used to ride with Wayne Holdsworth at times, and Adam Norris at waterside and others .Now lives in Canada and rides a beta 4T and semi retired.
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