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  1. You don't have to have a Drayton to have a good Bantam . I am coming back to trials after a few years off due to a shoulder injury . I built 2 x Draytons and sold them and I am now putting a Bantam together which has a modified front loop a trials sub frame and wider swing arm which is the same as my original Bantam . There are some good Bantam riders out there who are not on Drayton or Whitton bikes , nothing wrong with either it's just a well sorted Bantam doesn't have to have a "name" on the tank .
  2. If you are in the UK you have a choice from NJB , Betor supplied by BVM and Falcon or Rock shocks . Budgets vary
  3. In the UK the TY had a bit of resurgence in recent years. One for sale on ebay is a typical top level bike Yamaha TY 175 chase twinshock trials bike new build | eBay One of the best earlier bikes I saw at a trial was a Kato bike from Japan.
  4. Can anyone here confirm the shock length and fork length for the BSA C15 Mills framed bikes. Thanks
  5. Was about to ask in a new thread . I think 13.5" rear shocks , not sure about forks
  6. Keep scrolling the list , the white frames were later. The first mono was red framed. The Shirt parts are after market .
  7. https://www.yamahaty.com/english/tymonoen/tymonoen.html
  8. Bob Wright Weston super Mare
  9. You need to talk to Gerry Minshall for the hubs. I don't have a number but I am sure someone may have email or number .
  10. Just bought a Trifield rolling chassis , has short road shocks fitted... Anyone here know the ideal shock length eye to eye ? Thanks
  11. A lot of work going into this, fair play. As mentioned before you may want to calm the motor down with a flywheel weight . The TS185 was still being produced a few years ago, it was a good motor as was the 250 .
  12. Is there a diagram as a starting point to set up a PVL ignition on the D14 BSA Bantam ? Thanks in advance
  13. Wax jackets cleaned , I had some done by them a few years ago . Can't fault them.
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