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  1. Hi. Mine is standard and has Dellorto PHBH 26mm on it. If you require the spec of the carb I have a handbook with it in.
  2. neilfrancis

    Climber carb

    Hello again. Has anyone got the full spec for a 280 climber carb. I have a good carb but the bike was originally a 240. I would like to know if it's just jets or needle and slide that need changing. Thanks
  3. Hello Again. Has anyone got any idea where I can get the two cylinder head o rings from or an alternative that I can use. Thanks
  4. neilfrancis

    Ring Gap

    Bore is 76 mm so Im getting a ring gap of 14 thou. Sounds about right. Thanks
  5. neilfrancis

    Ring Gap

    Hi. Can anyone advise on the ring gap on a 280cc climber. Thanks
  6. Hi. I think I've worked it out now. At tdc the disc can either be about 5 mm covering the port or about 10 mm before. There were some faint marks on the case where it had previously been marked. I'm sticking it back together with the port uncovered.Thanks.
  7. Hi. Is the disc valve timing on a climber the same as a swm. Thanks
  8. Im looking to buy a flywheel puller for a 1990 climber Ive just bought. I cant find a specific one on ebay but a bosch rotax one is available. It is a internal thread of 35mm x 1.5. Any ideas if this is the right one. Thanks
  9. neilfrancis

    Fantic 80Cc

    Hi. Will a fantic 80cc mono drag my 12 stone around a clubman route. I do have other bikes but this just looked like fun.
  10. Hi.My bike is a TX311M. I was hoping there was something on the market to stop the petrol breathing through. Draining every time might have to be the best option.
  11. Hi I have the usual problem of the paint peeling of my fuel tank. Does anyone know of a product I can seal the tank with,. I know there are products for steel and fibreglass but I dont know of one for plastic. Thanks
  12. neilfrancis


    Thanks I will have a look tonight.
  13. neilfrancis


    HI. Just bought a TX311M and would like to change the gearbox and clutch oil before the first trial. What is the best oil to use and how much. Thanks
  14. Ive got the chance of aTX311M but don't know a lot about them. I was after a air cooled mono for our clubs pre 90 route and was after a Fantic but the Aprilia has been offered me. Can I get parts for the Rotax motor ok and are there any known problems with them as this bike has a issue with the kickstarter. Thanks
  15. Thanks to everyone for the replies. One last question what oils do you use in the clutch and gearbox. Thanks
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