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  1. I Got one last year from Valter Ponzo in Italy, he did a batch of 5 or so, not sure if he got any left.
  2. basinbaker2


    Hi Dozerash, yep my Brother is just finishing a restoration. Hopefully these pictures give an idea of the Marzocchi monoshock.
  3. Try motoswm.com for engine parts.
  4. basinbaker2

    280 Piston

  5. Swing arms are a pig to fit, but also measure across the rear engine mounting, and check the new bushes actually fit, sometime you need to grind the inner off the bushes to get the necessary width.
  6. I have done this switch on my 320, I have marzochi yokes with betor stanchions. 1, The marazochi yokes have handlebars mounted closer to the centerline of steering axis, so steering allegedly feels quicker ?, not sure I've felt the effect but hey!. 2, the Betor stancions are about 25mm shorter than the marzochi, so again pulling in the front overhang and quickening the steering feel. Ps the Fantic marazochi yokes have different bearings, and hence a different stem in the yokes.
  7. hi Fourex, theres a batch fof Rotax kickstarts been made (not sure who), various places are now selling including Phillipe at Old Knobblies in the UK. http://oldknobblies.com/content/rotax-kick-start
  8. Guys, just acquired a tx311 , restoration project, but noticed it has a 25mm dellorto, is that standard or a misfit from previous owner? Andy.
  9. I just put a pair of the Clubman spec HFS units into my Betor forked 280, and they're great soft, progressive , worth the 110euro.
  10. Hi Phil, look like we had the same idea... I went Back 38mm and down 25mm. but i then had to move the sidestand lug back 25mm on the swingarm, and still have the brake pedal mod to do..!
  11. Hi Rich, look up Woodbridge and District DMCC, they run events in the ipswich area. http://www.woodbridgemcc.co.uk/ their next trial is , Sunday 30th December - Butley or Eastern centre ACU for events listings. http://www.easternacu.org/2017/
  12. Thanks Brownie001 for the Aprillia Part number... Heres a link to the parts page, showing the rest of the part in the Lever assy. https://www.bike-parts-aprilia.com/aprilia-motorcycle/125-APRILIA-MOTORCYCLES/CLASSIC/1996/ENGINE/Clutch-cover/122/2/444004862/18 Found one a few on ebay.... so looks like a conversion is coming up !.
  13. I promised an update when Id measured the stroke, AND .... its a std 125 crank with stroke of 54mm , meaning a swept volume of 171cc. Rebuild is on hold , I bought an old 280 ..... but will restart in 2019....
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