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  1. Thanks for the replies, I have been back to the dealer and they also says it's normal. But to me it sounds like its about to grenade, as is it's no fun to ride. Its covered by warranty, but as rcgods says for a new 6grand bike not a great start. Unfortunately they didn't have another new one to compare with. Got to say I'm a little disappointed with my new bike.
  2. Hi to all I had the first ride on my new sherco 300 yesterday. after about 15 minutes riding it started to develope a rattle on overrun. Has any one had a similar issue. any imput will be appreciated
  3. Hi Dan, How did you get on with the Beta at the weekend. Rich
  4. Bigusdickus

    250 Rev3

    Hi to all I have had three hours out on the Beta today, all went well. It's a very nice little bike if a little undersprung for a lump like me, it happily climbed every thing I had the bottle to point it at so all good now. Rich.
  5. Ok Dan fair enough, just in my experience if you have an undamaged selector and it jumps gears it's usually something else. I will watch with interest to see what you come up with. Rich
  6. Hi Dan and all in on this thread. Firstly I have to say the stand spring hanger is the best laugh I have had in a while. I have to ask why you have chosen the selector to look at . This is my logic, the selector is the same on all the Beta's and some have this problem if they all did it then the selector would be my first thing to check. But as some don't do it my hunch is the problem may be deeper. Swarf in the gearbox has already been mentioned by one post and the fact it worked fine just sounds you may be barking up the wrong tree. Rich
  7. Bigusdickus

    250 Rev3

    Hi to all. Just a quick update on the Beta, all smiles now the second hand fan fitted cuts in and out when it should, the wiring is now done the same as the diagram above, plus an extra earth from the frame at the voltage regulator mount to the coil. the kill switch ground is conected to the same point and not the genorator coil as before. ? So on the whole a good learning experience, I have got to know the bike a bit and it's only cost me some time. I might even get to ride it next weekend ☺️ Thanks to all for the advice. Rich.
  8. Wow that looks like a very nice playground ? Rich.
  9. Bigusdickus

    250 Rev3

    Hi al_orange yep it's a bit of a sod to get at but I think I am nearly there. Just spotted a higher capacity water pump that I may fit while it's in bits, surely can't do any harm. After the fun I have had so far I should at least have a look for peace of mind. Rich.
  10. Bigusdickus

    250 Rev3

    Jackpot just found this. This is what I have on my bike, everthing on the left of the circuit past the red line is the lighting none of this is on my bike. To the right is whats on my bike a single yellow from the lighting coil,this confirms that the two blues from tne thermostat must have some sort of switch inside the voltage regulator. the later bikes seem to have the fan and thermostat are in the same loop ? well acording to the diagrams that is ? As long as the lighting coil on mine is still going I should be in business. Rich.
  11. Bigusdickus

    250 Rev3

    Hi Me2 Thanks for the diagram but this is different from my bike. Your diagram shows two power leads from the stator mine only has one. Posibly they changed at some point, It's a bit of a puzzle I think I have nearly got it just waiting for the fan. Rich.
  12. Bigusdickus

    250 Rev3

    Lineawy you were bang on, The yelow wire is the lighting feed from the stator some one has wired the kill switch through this thinking it's a ground ? .I am astounded that this hasn't killed the CDI as it's probably getting a 12v back feed posibly the ignition voltage has canceled it out. Also not sure if this has caused any damage to the lighting coil, it is still giving a resistance so fingers crossed. I have a second hand fan comming so when that turns up I will update on my progress ? Rich.
  13. Bigusdickus

    250 Rev3

    This part is the voltage regulator aparently as its wired up now there is no power going to it just the thermoswitch and the fan. the wiring diagrams I have found so far appear to be different from what I have colour differnce,and even the basic layout is wrong Back to scratching my head ? Rich.
  14. Bigusdickus

    250 Rev3

    I think I have found another part of the puzzle. Lineaway I think you may have hit the nail first time. This little box is connected to the fan and the thermostat switch, the yellow wire was left dangling. The opposite end of the yellow is connected to kill switch ? It's my guess that the yellow wire is the power suply for the fan ? if so why has the other end been connected to the kill switch I am hunting for a wiring diagram now ? Rich
  15. Bigusdickus

    250 Rev3

    Update on the Beta, I had a long chat with the bikes previous owner last night, we came to a fair compomise. At no point do I think he has tried to pulll the wool over my eyes as he is vertualy a neighbor and he has a reputation to maintain localy. So the conversation went down this road, I have a bike I can't use and it's going to cost time and money to fix. If I take it back he has a bike that needs to be fixed before he can sell it. So the plan is for me to sort it out then he will pay me what I have spent on it. If the bike as whole had not been in as good condition as it is I probably wouldn't have gone down that route. there are going to be bumps in the road but I think it's a fair compromise. so the Beta is still in the garage ? So where am I at ?, it definitely needs a fan, at present I have no voltage going to the fan. Can any one help me out with a few questions. Does an Evo fan fit the Rev3 possibly giving me another option for a replacement. I have read a lot about stator failures especially on earlia Revs, is this lighting cicuit as well as ignition does any one have a resistance reading for the lighting coil or will it just be open circuit if it's failed. I have an owners manual with the bike but it gives very little actual technical information is there a propper workshop manual, I have googled it but cant find one. Thanks for any help. Rich.
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