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  1. I ordered a ‘special order’ Escape with clutch almost 2 months ago. In the meantime, they have decieded to make a regular production ‘R’ and now they have released it. I will likely get it in a month (in the States, shipping is slow). Can’t wait!
  2. This place in Europe says they can repair https://nonstopmotoren.com/product/gearboxrp-gearbox-repair/
  3. I carefully reinstalled the gearbox this morning. Along with clutch, side cover and a few other things. Fired up in just a few kicks, shifts great! Glad Adrian could fix the customer up at a reasonable price. Now to connect the computer and fine tune it, and make sure I got the list of other stuff fixed. Oddly, one that that didn’t work is the taillamp. It was wired up incorrectly- sure looked like factory to me. I could pop the pins out and fix. This bike has only 27 hours on it. good to get another OSSA back into use. Mark
  4. Adrian at Lewisport had everything- I just had him do the work, since he has done a bunch and has jigs etc.
  5. Are we still up for the cable? Just let me know what I owe you and I can send an e transfer.


    1. lotus54


      Yes, I have gotten it in, so just need to build it and get you a price.

        I’ve been pretty busy with bike work and other stuff, but should be pretty soon.

        My email is:


      best way to contact me, since I just now saw this!

    2. AlexR


      Excellent! Thanks you so much.

      Take care,





    3. lotus54


      Yes, I’ve just been super busy with bikes and grandkids...

         I’ll try to start working on one tomorrow.

  6. I see it is a website for a manufacturer. Do they sell OSSA gearbox parts as well?
  7. lotus54

    I need K-scan !!!

    PM me your email
  8. Here are some pics of the gearbox for those interested. What a neat setup.
  9. My understanding is they didn’t really merge with GasGas, but they did have a production and parts distribution agreement. So when GasGas went under, they no longer had a factory or warehouse. Of course, the story I was told is the whole reason to do this agreement was to save money, secure more loans and both companies to keep afloat. So I assume OSSA was barely afloat anyway. I have communicated withe the ‘owner’ that has claimed several times to ‘be ready for production soon’- of course that didn’t happen. I did see they were making bicycles, but I do not know what has happened with that. personally, I’m disappointed it could not keep producing bikes. I found them to be excellent (a bit of teething issues at first). For my use, I would have liked a little more robust suspension linkage setup and a better ‘easy start’. Interestingly, the 2012 Explorer I have in my shop right now has a little battery- so fuel pump runs when the key is turned on. Makes it easier to start I think (like my ‘super easy start’ setup). But indeed- they have not produced bikes since the 2015 model as far as I’ve been able to determine. And no, not at all like the 1970 model, in name and place of construction only.
  10. lotus54

    Explorer sold

    Well, I sold my 2014 Explorer last week. I really have liked that bike- LOTS. It has been pretty darn good, with the linkage the weak spot for how I was using it. If they had a more robust linkage with real bearings, I think it would be a LOT better. No engine problems at all, just a broken return spring for the gearbox. I had no plans to sell, I even bought a Beta 4T to ride so I would not put so many hours on it. But most of my buddies ride enduro bikes, so after getting a Beta Xtrainer, I found I just wasn’t riding the Beta 4T trials much. So I sold it. Someone was interested in the OSSA- and I decided to give electric a go. Electric-Motion has a model with a real clutch now, so I ordered a version with that. That may work out well for the type of use I’ll likely do know with having the XTrainer. I really needed to sell a couple of bikes to pull it off- and figured it was time to try something new. I will sure miss the OSSA, what a wonderful bike. I would sure like one just a bit more robust for trail riding- oh and fix that phony fuel cap! I still work on the OSSAs, so I’ll still be around.
  11. Send me your email (PM here is fine) and I’ll get you the software. There is a couple of threads about building them- buying is pretty expensive now that the supply of the BTWICE ones dried up. (That is what I have).
  12. I have a customer 2012 Explorer (with fixer nut). It was stuck in 6th, I popped out the gearbox and found a broken gear. 6th drive gear tooth/engagement dog if I have it right. It appears on 6th the teeth just extend out to make an engagement dog. Not very thick there so seems a weak spot? But I always tell people to shift this slowly and gently and they will last great. Start ‘jamming gears’ like an enduro bike and you could probably break it in an hour. I had almost 400 hours on my Explorer (just sold it)- only gearbox issue was a broken return spring. Edit: Dang, I forgot the original reason for post. Who has gearbox parts? I have a call into Lewisport, but no answer back yet. I’m in the States.
  13. Do you have the software and cables? First set idle speed, then with the software set TPS to .6V (move the TPS until the software reads .6)- THEN ‘set to ECU’ with software (button). This will make a huge difference if off. I found with mine I had to reset TPS about every 100 hours to keep it happy. The never versions also have a base setting adjustment Plus/minus from 100% I’ve made the cables, pretty easy to build. Parts can take time to find source, but no big deal.
  14. This is from another thread- but shows the real clutch on the epure race. I believe the motor shaft has a gear on it that drives the clutch, much like a ‘traditional’ bike. I don’t know how much the flywheel weighs are, but it appears three different options?
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