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  1. I’m 99% certain the engine has to come out to service fuel filter/fuel pump. I’ve done it, although awhile ago also. The packaging is nice that way, but makes it a pain when a simple filter change. I always filtered the fuel on the bikes- just to make sure fuel was a clean as possible. I use a fibreglass brush made just for cleaning connectors. I have not heard of any coil/stator problems at all on these, although both can rear their heads at higher temps. Another thing to check- how much current is the fan drawing? Perhaps if way too much it could cause problems. best way to find out is connect diagnostics software and test everything when up to temp.
  2. Still having lots of fun on the Escape R. With the cold weather, range is less than I was hoping. But I will see when it warms up. It is a LOT better if everyrthing is slow trials or trial type stuff (1-5mph). Any road riding, even under 20mph seems to really lower the battery fast. the FRB (fixed regenerative braking) does seem to help and make a really good ‘thumb’ rear brake. Very effective.
  3. Morning,

    I recently purchased an Ossa 280I for a great deal (I think) that has been crashed. Needs a Kickstarter and some other parts and pieces.  reaching out to you to see if you know of any dealers in Canada or the states  Preferably around the west coast but I cant be picky. also any sites you know of for Serial number decoding on these units? i was told its a 2013 but i want to confirm. i will be receiving the sales paperwork in a few weeks but it would be good to know now.

    let me know,


    1. lotus54


      Sorry, just saw this.

         Best contact for me is:



      I don’t think Lewisport has anything left. I heard they sold everything to an outfit in Europe.   I’ll check with the dealer in Eastern Washington- he still has some parts left. But I think he would like to sell them all and a new TR280 (2013 I think) as a group.



         In the UK Trials and Tribulations has one.



    2. Squamish


      Thanks! I will reach out 


  4. Another nice 2-Escape ‘R’ ride yesterday. It is pretty fun having two electric bikes, so quiet. Did about 13 miles (mostly very tight singletrack) lots of elevation changes and 2.5 hours of actual riding time. High 30º f (~ 3.5C) The batter indicator claimed about 50% charge at the end. I suspect we could not have done the same ride again on the charge. It appears riding on the road, even under 20mph draws the power pretty quickly. Tomorrow I should have the license plate, so I’ll have to try a little ride on just road (with tyres pumped up) and see how it does. (Still waiting on replacement display, so will have to use GPS for distance/speed)
  5. The the pump not yet mounted up or clamps on yet.
  6. Yes, I think it is the same pump Vertigo uses. The pump works well and seemed to fit in this spot with a guard. Not many places to put it- and I’ve never seen one done. For the upper hose, I used one off a KTM that was connected to ‘splitter’. Fit quite well. I originally was going to mount it inverted, but it seemed to pump way better this way.
  7. Here are the ones was told about and used. Worked great
  8. Oh- I was not clear. I see on the electric pump the direction. I was just not certain of the factory OSSA pump direction of flow. From a test, I’m pretty sure it is also centre to out, meaning down the radiator, up cylinder, out head to top of radiator.
  9. Thank you. That makes sense, and I also just checked by spinning the pump- verified. thanks
  10. I extracted the info from my GPS on the first ride. total distance, 15 miles average speed: 5.5 MPH moving time: 2 hours 42 minutes 4,035 feet elevation gain and loss Much of it was very slow, tight trails, but also gravel road connections. the end was a quite steep road hill I started with 100%, ended with claimed 15% (I rather think that really meant not much further). EM says 10 cycles for full range and the cold could loose easily 20%. also no regeneration for this ride. I maybe could have gotten 3 hours if I did some more trail riding, add in more for warmer weather and regen- looks pretty decent. I have not taken it off for the second. (Hope to get up tomorrow too)
  11. I’m working on fitting an electric pump to 2014 Explorer (mine in past, now sold). I’m not certainly which way the coolant flows in the OSSA original setup. Toward the top of the radiator? Or the other way?
  12. I have one of the Xiu electric water pump kits I am planning on installing on my old (now sold) OSSA Explorer. It is getting coolant in the gearbox and blowing on one side and plugging other of the plump showed a leak internally. https://www.xiu-rdi.eu/comprar/36/kit-basico-de-bomba-de-agua-electrica.html Since it is not my bike, I would rather just install this pump. Especially since I had bought it when I owned the bike, and the pumps are readily avaliable. Plus any leak will be obvious and not into the gearbox. Has anyone installed one of these? If someone has, I would certainly like to see where you mounted and the hoses you used. I don’t see anyone that still has original pumps anymore. I would rather install something I know will not leak, since it is not mine anymore. He has already had more issues than I did the whole time I owned it. (Failed temp sensor, causing overheating, which I think caused blown head ‘O’ ring). thanks mark
  13. The bike is outstanding. I like it more than I thought I would. The clutch is a big deal for me, I think it is much more capable and just plain fun due to it. here is a short video of the first ride, buddy brought his along, so two Escape R bikes! https://youtu.be/f-q1mOAHtUI
  14. No, buddy in town also got one.
  15. Just got it! Too rainy/dark to try it out tonight. Sure looks nice.
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