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  1. Latest word, through customs and probably shipped out to dealers this week. A long wait, but it should be loads of fun.
  2. lotus54

    Spare parts

  3. Last I heard, Savannah Oct 24th. Slower than I hoped...but it will get here. I ride all year long, so not as critical as someone that cannot.
  4. Thanks! That would be great info to know- I can pass along for others looking too.
  5. I’m working on a 2014 280 (Explorer)- inner O-ring is bad so I need new ones. The ones I got are too large. I think they are 82 mm and 104mm (have to measure diameter). Does anyone know the correct size and if any GasGas O rings are correct? Otherwise I guess I’ll have to source some Vitron O rings at Granger or something (States).
  6. I most certainly will be doing some videos. I’ll try it out on the super tight/slow ‘trails’ I like along with some more open ones, even a bit of road. Range will be interesting too.
  7. lotus54

    TR280i running issues

    To adjust properly, you need the software/hardware. Check to see that the throttle plate is closing all the way- and no air leaks. Checking with software to see ignition timing may be good too?
  8. lotus54

    Explorer sold

    I ride that sort of stuff all the time. Much is very slow, tight lots of obstacles. Like 1/2MPH type speeds. Lots of steep hills- although almost all are the very tight, twisty type- NOT the loose, high speed type.
  9. lotus54

    Explorer sold

    No, I have not gotten it. BUT it is reportedly crated and enroute now- so hope to get it by the first part of October. There were delays and I was hoping to have it before now. But the bonus is I got a ‘standard’ model with 21 upgrades, not a ‘one off’ Clutch model Escape that I originally ordered. As soon as I get it I’ll be doing some videos on it with how I like it. Not likely to do any trial competitions until after the first of the year (I rarely do them now), but should get lots of tight trail riding in.
  10. I guy that I did work on his Explorer was looking into fitting something. He is a fabricator and I suggested a spare head to do any work on. I’m not sure where the coolant jackets are on the head. I have not heard if he ever did it or not. I found by fitting my ‘super easy start’ setup, the bike was a lot easer to start (tiny LiPo 12V battery fitted with momentary switch to activate, power up fuel pump and ecu)
  11. There is a test for the master relay also if I recall. the person I sold my Explorer to had the fan quit. I had him hook up the software, and the fan would run just fine in test mode. Turns out the temp sensor in the head was bad. I do not have any resistance readings, but Lewisport had new ones. He replaced and it works great. I did have a fan fail a few years ago- I believe the same SPAL fan the GasGas uses on one of its models. I suspect either wiring, connections or the main relay if the fan works by directly connecting to power.
  12. Some delays (not surprising)- but supposed to be enroute to the States now. Can’t wait!
  13. lotus54

    TR280i running issues

    I suggest connecting diagnostic software. Not only will it run the fuel pump (with 12V battery attatched) and make sure primed, but it is a really quick way to discover issues. The error ‘tab’ will show historic errors.
  14. I ordered a ‘special order’ Escape with clutch almost 2 months ago. In the meantime, they have decieded to make a regular production ‘R’ and now they have released it. I will likely get it in a month (in the States, shipping is slow). Can’t wait!
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