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  1. I bought the TRS Raga with electric start but the bike is so easy to start that I only use the electric start when I am in a difficult place to start. (much easyer than my Ossa Factory 2012). It start first kick hot or cold. If Ossa had this it would have been a sale succes with the advantages of electronic injection and easy start.
  2. My fan stopped working too today. I checked it with the software and it was not woking but when I checked it by connecting directly on the fan it was woking. I checked the thermistor and the reading was 1,33 omh. PeterbB checked one, it is 2.96 K ohms (2,900 ohms) at ambient, which is a freezing cold 17C Do other poeple test the thermistor to have other datas. I think that when we test the fan with the software the engine don't need to work so the coolant temperature is not what drives the fan to operate at that moment but it is me clicking on the button on the computer. And how can we test if the relay is working. Do somebody know where it is possible to buy thoses thermistor and relay.
  3. I am looking for the software for a OSSA TRI 280 2012 factory model. My email is : blackburnjacques@yahoo.ca
  4. I have my 2012 for 7 years with no troubles just some broken things from accidents. But last week I broke the kick start gear and it broke the gear thoots connected to it. I am curently looking for the parts but they are difficult to find. I found the kickstart gear but not the gaskets and orings. I will have to search. The big gear can be straigtened with a file. The mechanics who open it say it is a jewel of engine and transmission and he is a top mechanic. He was very impressed. It is very sad that this motorcycle is no more in production.
  5. My 2012 OSSA TRI 280 FACTORY just begin to change sound more like rattling. The engine had never been rebuilt and I fear that it become worn. Before opening I looked for S3 piston and there are 3 size A B C. how do you know if the size of the piston is A or B or C. The engine have many hours on it. Is it difficult to replace the piston?
  6. Same as you, I have a 2012 Ossa Factory and no problems with injection and only had to change wheel bearings and evreything work well with the bike. I also have a Montesa 300 RR and no problems with injection. I mostly use the Ossa and I bought the Montesa because Ossa is no more in production and I fear for when I will need unavailables parts. It is very sad that Ossa could not continue to improve this incredible motorcycle.
  7. I had the same problem as you described . I didnt touch the trottle and when I began to do exactly what you described it started. I begin with no trottle and at mid stroke I open the trottle and it easy to start. Maybe some bikes have to be started this way and others with no trottle. Usualy the guys who are used to two strokes trial bike just start my Ossa the same way the used to start their bikes. It is still much difficult than to start a Montesa 4rt but it is more fun than the Montesa.
  8. The EFI system is the same as the Bombardier skidoos who can be used in very harsh conditions like cold weather (-50° C) so its is no question about the quality of the system. The problem with OSSA is that they did not sell the wiring and softaware to tune yourself your bike. They should have made sell it with the bike in big countries like Canada, Usa, Australia etc. where you are very far away from a dealer with knowledge or interest (not like jppowersport here in Quebec). Apart from the ECU I am almost sure you can find the others parts from a Bombardier dealer. Anyway the thinking behind this great motorcycle will not be lost. Things like the radiator protected from the mud, the high airbox who stay clean, the lightweight of bike and impressive engine are amazing in day to day use. Maybe they are not as good as perfectly tuned bike by mechanics for the conditions of the day of the race but I am curious to see what they could have done with it if they had a rider like Bou or Raga. A company need a lot of money to pay for that class of rider and OSSA do not have it. It is a great bike if you can start it and I am sure it will return on the market. Of what I have read from poeple who tried the new Vertigo who have a OSSA they still prefer their OSSA.
  9. I broke my trottle body and I am no more able to adjust the idle. Do someone know where I can buy one. I am in Québec, Canada. Jacques.
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