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  1. If not carb (as above) Crank seal i'm afraid. Exactly what happened to me !
  2. I use Bearings at work, and believe me cheep bearings are exactly that and don't last ! I have tested them in electric motors, the cheep "Chinese bearings" last at least 10 times less running time than proper bearings (SKF etc,) Put some proper bearings in and I will guarantee they will last a lot longer.
  3. The sound of a big carp taking bread off the surface. on a hidden pond. Magical ! O and the sound of my hillclimb car, echoing off the side of Baitings dam ! Lovely.
  4. Nice tsiklonaut, Very smart , Where do you get these from ?????
  5. craigrushton

    Frame Trim

    How do you keep the right hand side one on as mine keeps falling off (pushed off with clutch hose/cable) on right hand turns ???? Maybe i'm doing something wrong ???? But the little ears that sit behind the frame aren't strong enough for the hose/cable push and just comes off !
  6. Left hand side , top of frame, undo the isolation tape and you will see two unused Bullet connectors. These are the two you use. Have just put a duel map switch on my 2014 300, cant see it makes that much difference between maps?......but still getting used to the bike. Craig.
  7. Wow b40rt, I didn't know about this !....... How long has this been available ? Good shout, Thanks.
  8. My Beta TR 32 , bought new form Robinsons of Rochdale with my first proper job, and being 17 again !
  9. Hi all, I was the one who started the "Yes or No" Thread...........Well I have ! Managed to get myself a lovely 2014 300i , Hoping for a little help off you guys....? The question is,,,,,As i'm still at the learning stage I want to fit a lanyard ( i have on my 315r) As the ossa has a (hold down) cold start using the original kill switch how do I wire the lanyard in ? in conjunction with the standard kill switch ? The problem is, if I replace the original kill switch with the lanyard there will be nothing to push to activate the cold start ? ps. im useless on electrics. Any suggestions would help just incase I get over enthusiastic and drop the bike ! Thanks, Craig.
  10. As oni says above, my 315 wont start if i've left the exhaust bung in ? As done it a few times !
  11. Thanks for your input people, much appreciated and good for's and against's . I have access to a very good machine shop who specialise in manufacturing/repairing one off parts (breakdown) for the textile industry, so manufacturing/repairing obsolete parts for the ossa shouldn't be a problem and as mentioned other parts are generic to other makes. I thought that the new Vertigo was using the same EFI system as the one used on the ossa ? (maybe i'm wrong) ? So if the EFI not the same as the vertigo, this is the main worry as if it packs up its game over ! Thanks again for input lads, Craig.
  12. craigrushton

    Yes Or No ?

    Hi All, I've always liked how the ossa TR280 rides after a brief ride on one last year , and have had my eye out for a good second hand one to purchase. But after whats happened and reading the posts on "Kokusan Denki No More" What are peoples genuine opinions on taking the plunge and buying one ? ie. For's.....You could probably get a good one now for reasonable money ? Against.....Getting it repaired (spares) problems ? Thanks For your opinions.......Craig.
  13. I would say some play somewhere ? in bearings (linkage or swing arm) as it looks like the swing arm is dropping more than it should causing it hit the shock. Just a thought bud.
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