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  1. peterb

    2001 txt 280

    Your bike is over 19 years old, and by this time the water pump shaft and seal would have worn allowing coolant into the gearbox. If the coolant got into the gearbox, the oil turns a milky looking colour. The water in the oil reacts with the adhesive on the clutch plate fibres, loosening them. The plates then tend to drag a lot. The other problem causing clutch drag is likely with the master cylinder, replacing the kit (DOT 4) is straight forward. The third problem is that the clutch slave piston has a ball bearing at the end of a hole where the clutch pushrod is located. This ball bearing has been known to be forced deeper into the slave piston, with the result that the piston reaches the limit of it's travel (hard up against the crank case) without actually fully disengaging the clutch. Bye, Peter B.
  2. peterb

    Bultaco yokes

    I run Alpina fork yokes in my 325 Sherpa, needs a bit of sorting to get everything to fit properly, the rear mudguard stay needs to have a different bend to miss clouting the frame down tube. I prefer the set up with the Alpina yokes, with the bar position right over the top of the steering stem. Feels more like a modern bike. Steering is an improvement for my liking. I used the Alpina front wheel with the larger brake drum, a pity it is 1kg heavier than the Sherpa wheel. Bye, Peter B.
  3. You could try a flywheel weight. There are 2 weight options, I have tried only the lighter weight, 366 gms which feels excellent on my 280 R2 (This weight is supplied fitted as standard). I prefer the softer power delivery of this R2 over any Vertigo 250. You would need the kit, weight, cover spacer and stator spacer. Bye, Peter B.
  4. G'day Dazza, a balmy 26C here. E10 is 10% ethanol isn't it? I am pretty sure that using ethanol in 2T motors is not the best as the ethanol (alcohol) attacks the seal elastomers in the engines, have yours been ok with this fuel over a long period? It may just be a problem with our E10 fuel over here in NZ. Those 320/321 models go really well with a Keihin PWK28. Bye, Peter B.
  5. The usual carbs fitted to GG trials bikes have mostly been DellOrto PHBL26, during 1996-1998 GG fitted PHBH26, which I thought never performed as well as the usual carb, particularly when riding over different altitudes, plus they have a dual stage pilot jet that is prone to blocking. Anyway, with your carb, the standard jets are as follows: Needle X19 clip 3rd slot from top, I think I ran mine at 2nd from bottom - or maybe this is the same notch. Slide 45 Main 122 Needle jet (Emulsor) 269 Pilot 50 They used to run a bit rich so very likely a 118 main is worth a try, if this is the case. Bye, Peter B.
  6. Yes, you need a mineral clutch master kit. The slave piston seals are teflon coated O rings, just assemble these paying meticulous attention to keeping everything ultra clean. You may find that the problem is just with the clutch master, try this first as after replacing the master kit, it is easy to bleed as the system tends to self bleed with use of the clutch lever. Bye, Peter B.
  7. Later model Ossa water pumps came with a stop to prevent end float of the shaft, unsure of the year. Earlier models as described had nothing to prevent shaft end float and in some cases, the movement caused the impellor to rub against the housing creating a grey sludgey mess in the cooling system. The GG water pump dual lipped seal fits straight in. Pretty sure the Xiu electric water pump is identical to the standard issue Vertigo unit, which have been quite reliable with no chance of coolant leaking past the shaft due to a non mechanical drive to the impellor. Bye, Peter B.
  8. Hi Hector, if you are going to remove the clutch basket, beware the clutch centre is a tight fit on the splined primary shaft and needs a puller to remove it. The clutch centre has a threaded centre to allow you to screw in a matching bolt that extracts it from the basket. Be sure to remove the centre screw first, preferably not with a rounded ball end allen key. I don't remember the thread form, something like 18x 1.25, was a fine thread.
  9. The Spanish RFME licence fee for 2020 is 330 Euros.
  10. I found the 260 Repsol to be a lot of fun to ride, makes a proper noise and has fantastic suspension. But, whenever you start to get in trouble, up a river or hopping over rocks, the extra weight of the 4RT really tires you out. I think, the bike suits a clubman rider who is not going to do any hopping around and generally taking things easy, and also suits a top level rider who has the skill and ability to ride the bike without getting worn out. Riders in between are likely to find things easier with a 2T bike, especially when getting on a bit. Other plus points are a really good build quality, generally good reliability and ease of starting. If you are not enjoying the bike, best to move on.
  11. peterb

    HONDA TLM250

    If you don't get a reply for a TLM250 parts list, I have a parts list and manual for a TLM220, which would be similar. Let me know if you would like this posted on here. Bye, Peter B.
  12. Where you have the green circles is where we put them, have to say the newer models are better sealed, but we still use extra O rings. Only last week I stripped one down after about 18 months use, no play in the linkage and no signs of water ingress, rust or wear. Bye, Peter B.
  13. Empty tin used as an air filter cover for those old mesh things on a Villiers carb?
  14. The Sachs shock works well and was a standard fitment on the GG Pro for a lot of years. The Ohlins was an improvement and fitted generally to the Raga replica bikes. Best to make sure that the Sachs replacement has the same centre to centre length as your original. Bye, Peter B.
  15. Hi jsp, a Vertigo Ice 300, then a whole bunch of bikes over the last 40 years.
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