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  1. There is a tiny breather hole in the fuel tank cap, is this still clear? Did you have the bike from new and was it ok when new? The brass screw on the throttle body LHS is an air bleed screw, set at the factory anywhere from fully in to 1.5 turns out. Have a look to see how far out the screw is by turning fully clock wise. You can richen up the mixture by turning clockwise. Bye, Peter B.
  2. Is the ignition system a Kokusan or a Ducati? Did you replace the stator with a brand new item? Have you replaced the ECU? If it is a Ducati system, the HT coil has the ECU built in. Then there is another unit, the voltage regulator/fan relay. I once worked on a Kokusan ign system on a 2007 GG where turning the bars would cause the motor to stop. It was a broken connection on one of the pins joining with the ECU, not so easy to find. Bye, Peter B.
  3. Hi Peter, I used to own an air cooled 1989 GG 250 mono, it now belongs to another rider in Te Awamutu. That has the same Motoplat system. I will be catching up with him at this weekends Auckland National event. If you need to know any further info over what was posted above I can try to find out for you. Jim Snell may have a wiring diagram for these on the net, I have a parts list but not much else. Bye, Peter B.
  4. peterb

    KEIHIN carb settings

    For a 125cc, pilot jet size 50, main jet size 115 For a 250/270cc, pilot jet size 48, main jet size 110 Seems a bit odd though, would have thought the larger motor to have the larger jet sizes. I don't know Beta specific Keihin set ups, but for a 250/300 GG, pilots around 40, main jet around 125-130 needle GJH. The standard JJH needle for GG tends to run lean for me. Bye, Peter B.
  5. Pretty sure the screws tighten up into a steel nut moulded in to the air filter box. Try as lineaway suggests to get at the nut from the other side, break on through to the other side.....couldn't resist. Anyway, if you can't access the nut from the airbox outlet stub the only other way to get the screw out is to carefully cut the head of the screw off with a Dremel type tool then you should be able to access the nut at least to remove the M6 screw. Good luck, Peter B.
  6. I never bother with the sight glass for determining the level. After thoroughly draining, 600mL of ATF rated to Dexron III works well. Bye, Peter B.
  7. Can you send in a photo of the damage. Bye, Peter B.
  8. Dobroe utro, send me a private message with your email and I will send you what I have with Ossa wiring diagrams. There was no specific Explorer wiring diagram, only the trial version. Dosvidania, Peter B.
  9. Yes. You need a new fan. One or more of the windings will have become open circuit thereby rendering that part of the armature useless, flicking the fan blades takes the armature to the next good section.. Bye, Peter B.
  10. There is a bloke in Auckland NZ who has been rebuilding shocks for many years, including trials models. Send me a PM and I will pass on his details. Bye, Peter B.
  11. You can get a water pump repair kit from your local GG dealer or, for more money a complete water pump. Drain the oil as soon as you can, it has mixed with water, the water causes the fibres on the clutch plates to swell creating more problems for you. Perhaps flush out the residual oil with 400ml of ATF rated to Dexron III then dump that and refill again with the same oil and quantity. Other riders use different types of oil but, ATF Dex III has been fine for all my bikes for over 25 years, and it's not expensive! Bye, Peter B.
  12. Those spacers in the lower shock spherical bearing usually come out ok by prising evenly with a couple of screwdrivers, then you can get grease into the bearing and replace the spacers. Don't try to twist out the spacers as they are knurled so as to provide a tight fit into the bearing. Same for knocking them out with a drift, best not to as they are thin walled. Bye, Peter B.
  13. Have a look in your inbox, sent you a message.
  14. Went belly up in 2015. Bye, Peter B.
  15. Have you removed the air temp sensor from the inlet manifold and carefully cleaned this with a soft cloth? Check the earth connections there may be some corrosion under the terminal lugs. What condition is the spark plug? Is it a sooty black colour, wet looking? When the motor is cold, after a short warm up period, does it rev out ok, or is it smoking a lot. There is a little black cased relay, called the Chassis Relay, have you cleaned these terminals with spray, the plug and socket. The relay is located under the front of the seat unit, to the right. Bye, Peter B.
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