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  1. Empty tin used as an air filter cover for those old mesh things on a Villiers carb?
  2. The Sachs shock works well and was a standard fitment on the GG Pro for a lot of years. The Ohlins was an improvement and fitted generally to the Raga replica bikes. Best to make sure that the Sachs replacement has the same centre to centre length as your original. Bye, Peter B.
  3. Hi jsp, a Vertigo Ice 300, then a whole bunch of bikes over the last 40 years.
  4. I have a 280 R2, definitely my best bike ever. The motor has a flywheel weight on as standard and a claimed extra 4BHP over the previous standard model. Lovely engine, quicker than the lazy grunt of a 300 but with what feels like similar power/torque. Not like the 250 which, in standard form can provide a jerky low end response in comparison to the 280. The 280 has a very strong, linear power delivery, grips very well, picks up quick and is a buzz to ride.
  5. Hi Lotus, we never liked the original Ossa O rings, they were too large for the groove outside diameters. We have been using GG O rings for many years which provide a good fit, I can give you the P/Ns tomorrow, it's late evening time here. Bye, Peter B.
  6. Hi Lineaway, correct with the crank cases, and to a point with the clutch case for the 2002, this casing did not have any webbing to support the slave piston action and would flex slightly when using the clutch, creating a dragging clutch. The later year casings had an interior web to strengthen the slave piston and prevent casing flex. Hi eddie1, the slave O rings are teflon coated something, which I can't remember and may well be ok for either synthetic or mineral oil, but......you mentioned fitting a 2005 case, this has an O ring plus a cup seal in the slave cylinder, if green then the cup seal is for mineral, if black then this is suited for DOT4. Bye, Peter B.
  7. peterb

    TR280i running issues

    The flywheel key can shear and allow the flywheel to rotate slightly on the crank shaft, usually because the flywheel nut will not have been tightened up sufficiently. This prevents the motor from running as the ignition timing is now incorrect.. Well worth a look. There is a sensor pick up external to the flywheel. You will need a flywheel puller, a GG Pro puller will work. Bye, Peter B.
  8. peterb

    TR280i running issues

    As Big D says, quite likely the flywheel key has sheared. Same key as GG and Vertigo. It is tight in there to get the ECU out, but it does wiggle out. The injectors were pretty reliable. I'd check the key first. Bye, Peter B.
  9. peterb

    Weight removal from gear

    If the Evo motor is the same as the Rev 3, then the LHS weight is on a tapered shaft so you will need to fabricate a puller for that, I have the hole centres for the Rev 3 if you'd like this info. Bye, Peter B.
  10. You can replace the 2002 case with the 2005. Pretty sure the master cylinder from the 2002 bike was a standard 9.5mm bore, so a later model mineral oil kit would be all that is needed and as Lineaway says, the clutch hose would need cleaning out. You can't use the original master piston kit as the seals would swell with mineral oil. You should be able to get a metal type cover gasket from BVM if you need one. The only gasket difference between the 2002 and later Pro's was the crankcase gasket, which is specific for the 02 model only. The gearbox casing was "deepened" to allow for more oil in the gearbox and had 1 screw fixing hole set differently. Bye, Peter B.
  11. Hello, I noticed you responded to a post regarding a smoky Osssa. In this post, you mentioned that a diagram was a later year with a race type LH bearing and that the oil feed holes on those models were blocked off. I have a 2015 280 that started smoking intermittently after I repaired the gear box. I assumed it was the LH seals but your post makes think otherwise...do you know if the LH seals would cause smokiness (intermittent) in a 2015 280?




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    2. AlexR


      Thanks Peter! I am in Canada. Another member was kind enough to give me software and was initially going to make me a cable but he has not followed up and it sounded like a lot of work for him. Do you know where I can get a cable?

    3. AlexR


      The intermittent is strange...I thought maybe it just takes time to build up in the crankcase??? 

    4. peterb


      Hi Alex, would you be ok to email me, I find the message service quickly fills up on TC and I have to delete a few things to allow more entries. Pls try me on peterboettchernz@yahoo.co.nz

      If you were in NZ I would offer to reset your software and there is a straight forward tune to lean or richen the mixture over the rev range.

      Due to the backward facing cylinder, there is a step at the base of the crankcase mouth where 2T oil builds up with use. When starting from cold, this oily residue mixes with the combustion fuel/air until it is all burned off, then after use again, the build up returns. Is this what you are seeing? Very rich from cold for a long time? Bye, Peter.

      Just remembered, there is another Ossa rider in Canada who has a cable set, will see if I can think of who it is. What city are you close to?

  12. Hola Gines, yes the crankshaft (cigueñal) from the 2002 motor can be used in the 2003 crankcase when the spacer sleeves have been removed from the shaft, they should not be too tight and you may be able to get a bearing puller behind the sleeve to extract it. Before buying the 2003 crankcases, have a look to see that there is no crack on the bottom gearbox mounting lug. I will send you a message via Trials Central. Bye, Peter B.
  13. Hola Gines, tu inglés, no problema yo entiendo perfecto. I think you can swap over to a newer crankcase but these are very expensive. Why don't you strip down your motor and find out what the problem is, if it is just an oil seal then this is an easy repair. On the 2002 motor, they had a traditional main bearing with separate viton oil seals, from 2004 Gas Gas changed the bearing to a wider design with integral oil seal. If your motor has the original type of bearing, then it is possible the left side crankcase seal has failed allowing crankcase pressure to force gearbox oil out of the breather, or perhaps the crankcase gasket has failed. Note that the 2002 crankcase gasket is specific for this year and any later gaskets will not fit. You should be able to buy the old type oil seal and 2002 crankcase gasket in Spain, if not I have them here in NZ. Also, on the left side of the crank shaft there is a second oil seal to prevent oil entering the magneto housing (el encendido) this should be replaced also. Remember that the oil seals have a lip sealing spring and these must face inwards toward the crankcase. Bye, Peter B.
  14. peterb

    Swingarm removal

    Simple enough to just use an M20 bolt, with std thread pitch, 2.0mm from memory but check it first. The bolt screws into the anodised sleeve, then allows you to wiggle the sleeve out. Bye, Peter B.
  15. There is a used trials bike place called North Wales Trials Bikes and parts, run by David Williams, have a look on FB for him, he may well have a few parts for your bike. Tends to deal with the 90's bikes. Bye, Peter B.
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