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  1. Lotus 54, I ve been reading your forum on Your Ossas, and I also read your document that you wrote on your expereince on Ossa TRi series. Your writing inspire me to learn more about Ossa FI bikes. I own a 2014 Ossa Explorer 250, and have been inconsistent in solving the startting problems..and As you know the 2014 model have the original easy start system by ossa which uses 1.5 volt battery to energize the capacitor.. Also I have installed the 12 V lithium ion battery to the diagnostic connector as per your earlier post... I have several questions.. 1. The 12 V diagnostic connector..you can hear the Fuel pump run when you press the momentary switch until the pump stop (fuel press reached ?)..then we release the switch when we kick start it.. Or shall we still press the switch (12 V to the diagnostic connector) while kicking ?...I read in your post, that the 12 V to the diagnostic connector only powered the fuel pump not the ECU..but is it true ? 2. On the older TR Ossas..Nigel Birkett suggested installed 9 V battery to the capacitor behind the headlamp and also connect to momentary switch to energize the capacitor with 9 V battery for the ECU..As far as you know how much is this different to teh original Ossa easy start box installed on the explorer ? 3. Even with the 12V easy start, my bike still hard to start..I suspect the ECU is not properly energized, even i repeatedley use the kill switch to activate it...Do you know how the check if ECU is fully energized before kick starting it ?..so the ossa easy start is working (or not) Thank you for your attention VOLCANO island
  2. I decided to make my own longer kick starter..using aerospace 7075 aluminum, and basically "carved" it using saw and files..it work well.. but as you can notice it had several adjustment to clear the subframe bolts..
  3. I have seen an S3 electric start modification on the S3 website.for montesa 4Rt any model..also an utube video...I emailed the S3 info...after one month no reply. Does anybody knows who sells such modification Kit ???..I am interested to buy
  4. Does anybody know if Gasgas pro kick starter will fit on Ossa ?..it looks like will fit..
  5. My weight is 122 lb, sometime I have trouble kick starting my Ossa Explorer...the kick start do not give enough leverage..too short and slippery. Has anybody know replacement kick start from other bike or custom manufacturer that is has longer arm ?..and fit the Ossa kick start stub ?
  6. Jonnyc21, I have a question, when you check for spark, do you have to have all electrical components installed ?..I have been kicking the kick start without the fuel tank installed, means the fuel pump is electrically disconnected...Also how does a working fuel pump soumd when connected to a 12 V source ?..does it whir for while then stop ?
  7. Thanks Jonnyc21..I will tried that joining the two outside wire together..so basically grounded the Red/white wire...Still no spark on my 4RT...any other suggestion ? Now only component not tested is the ECU..
  8. I have similar problem with my 2005 4RT..the bike have been in storage for over a year...wont start..No Spark!!..change spark plug..still no spark..Checked grounding, kill switch..Coil..etc..with multimeter..everything OK..Next check resistance on 32P connector and alternator/pulser according to the manual..all resistance number are corect..Now when I checked the Tilt/bank sensor there is No contuinity between all pins..at straight position and more than 65 degree...Is that the way to check it ?..how do we check if the bank sensor is good or bad ?..I read that you can by pass the bank angle sensor by joining the two outside wire ( green and wihite ?)..How do you do that ? Thanks
  9. I own 2014 Ossa explorer which I used it for difficult track trail riding. It has standard 10 tooth front sprocket. Do anybody know where I can get an 11 tooth front sprocket ?. Most mail order shop only stock 9 or 10 tooth. Or is it the same as some other bike brand ? Thanks
  10. Lotus, I have tried your method, attaching momentarily 12 V power to the power pins of the diagnostic cable. On my 2014 explorer. This will run the fuel pump (you can hear that) before it stop due working fuel presssure is reached. Then when this happens, the bike will start even on the first kick. I was wondering why Ossa did not do this on all the bikes, instead of playing around with AAA capacitor solution. Anyway, I am using this method of starting now. Lotus, I was wondering mow, shall I detach /disconect the AAA capacitor box now .? Or shall I leave them there .?
  11. Could you send us picture as everything installed on your bike ?
  12. Is this 12 V power LiPo battery which you connected to the diagnostic connector ?
  13. I had a 2008 T-Ride, I have been riding it eversince and its been fulfilling my expectation.. The main reason I bought it is because I am a light person (130 lb, 5'7"), so the T-Ride bike size fit me better than a full size enduro bike. Its relatively light weight bike for an electric start 4 stroke !. Of course a CRF 230F or a TTR also small, but they are not a lightweight bike. When it was new the T-Ride weight nearly 100 Kg without fuel. Then the smog stuff removed, blinkers, Horns etc removed, then it weight about 98 kg. Now it weight about 95 kg since I change some of the heavy steel part such as Steering stem axle (2008 is steel, 2009 is aluminium alloy), all wheel axle (steel replaced by titanium), Lead acid Battery into lithium ion stuff. During the early years, I had a lot of help from this forum to de-restrict the bike, For some reason the T-ride had an above average amount of anti-smog, anti-noise equipments. There is a standard Air Injection from Yamaha need to disconnect, Exhaust tip restrictor grind away, ECU need to be drilled, and cable cut, Catalytic converter in the head pipe need to be removed. You need to buy at least a pilot jet from del ortho to adjust the carb to the new state of tune. I dont know if anything else I need to remove, I heard there is an inlet restrictor after the carb.. Is That true ? Now the ride.. so far I have been very happy, I rode strictly off-road, and the bike excells in the track/trails around island of Java, Indonesia. Its mostly steep technical slippery and muddy single track, with tight turns which the bike is really good at this condition. I change the flywheel into 2009 heavier flywheel, and the front sprocket to 11 teeth, which helps to reduce the stalling. I install also a Hydraulic clutch to lighten up the clutch pull.. Ok whats next ?.. I think the bike is a keeper, but I wanted to improve it a little bit more. I wanted to replace the stainless steel Muffler, its heavy (nearly 2.7 kg !) into something less restrictive and lighter. Any ideas ?.. The T-ride is the only bike I ever own (7 total), that if you weigh the front wheel and rear wheel independently, the scale in the front wheel is a few kilo heavier, all other bike usually the scale in the rear wheel is heavier by a few kilo. Dont know why, but I guess this contribute to the nice tighthandling along with the steep rake angle. Suspension ? since I am light and I dont do high speed jumps, the suspension is right on the money. The front fork I did reduce the preload a little by cutting the plastic preload. Viva T-Ride !.
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