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  1. Yeah I’ve given up and decided to trade it in Taking it back to inch perfect, they are the experts and I’m sure they’ll sort it. I’m collecting a brand new 4rt 2020 tomorrow. ??‍♂️ I will of course get them to let me know what the problem was once they’ve fixed it so we all know.
  2. I’m considering just trading it in for a new bike to be honest
  3. It does make me think I should swap my ECU, how old was your bike at the time, mines 20months old! How much was the ECU to buy? I assume it’s an easy plug in job I could do myself ?
  4. I haven’t no, it had a proper job done on that though when it was removed, inch perfect did it so I’d of thought it’d be fine but I’ll inspect it,
  5. Ok I’ve spoke to a few people and considered what you guys on here have said, I was told that the rpm needs to be 1850 when fan is on. It is. Still coughs, in fact just pulling the bike out the garage this evening and running it again it cut out twice in first 6 minutes i noticed the Revs started off a bit lower like 1740, is that normal? The revs do go up and down a bit on start up ive taken the fuel cap breather off so that’s ruled out I’ve disconnected the landyard as people have said they can be an issue But it cut out and after a few minutes so that is ruled out Any other ideas ?
  6. Ok the the part with the wire for a spark plug is the coil , the middle part with the fins is the fan relay ? And the smaller part is the rectifier ? All 3 parts were changed April 2019, bike was 2 months old at the point....
  7. Capacitor? Where and what’s it look like? Cheers for your help
  8. Right might be getting somewhere now, I’ve held the button down On the Rev meter and changed It, it the went from 1200 to 2400 so I’ve turned it down to 1820, removed the red tank cap thing and kicked the bike up and watched it for a while on the patio , 1820 btw is map 1 and to my surprise in map 2 which I thought was a slower anti skid map it increases the Revs to 2040. anyway so listening to the bike, it seems it gets warm the the fan comes on but when the fan stops the bikes revs dip “like try’s to cough” it didn’t stall but each time the fan had been on as it went off the cough happens and under riding conditions this must be what keeps it stalling/cutting out
  9. The lanyard was fitted a year ago when I bought the bike but I’ll check that again. you guys say “no spill cap” but there is a hole in it ? Like when I’ve dropped the bike fuel just come out of the cap?
  10. That’s an interesting idea, it did actually start playing up after I fuelled up, so you think the cap on the top of the tank could be causing an issue ?
  11. Inch perfect fitted a apico lanyard for me when I bought it new, they also linked out the bank angle sensor so I’d of thought we could rule those areas out ?
  12. Yes i can Not get it to 1800, at 1500 it sounds like it’s going to ride off on its own but then it cuts out hence it must be wrong!
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