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  1. Just out of interest have the commitee ever considered getting some sort of tv coverage? I have recently dicovered the program "blood sweat & gears" on the extreme sports channel which covers loads of different british events, mx, enduro I even saw some trials on there at one point. Obviously there would be some sort of cost involved so may not be viable. just wondering
  2. i'm pretty sure this has been mentioned before, why dont we use the big national one lappers as the champs? they always get big numbers, the sections are hard enough to take marks off the top boys but not so extreme they put off. no need to put on extra events as most are already established therefore clubs don't need to worry about cost etc
  3. Break the rules get punished, don't break the rules don't get punished. This is not a difficult concept to grasp, if you don't want to cost your rider the british championship don't break the rules. simples.
  4. eddie i'm in no way saying the guy hasn't put loads of time/money and effort in, he obviously has but the finished product does look rough I think your an idiot if you look at that bike and think its good
  5. first off i'm not an idiot second it's my opinion, which I am entitled too. if you don't like it tough.
  6. Had the same problem on this years ssdt and only just got round to sorting it now. I have taken the leg apart and when I was taking the guts out of the cartridge two halves of a shim fell out!! Now the problem I have is where did it come from???? this is the order the stuff came off the piston: nut top hat thingy small shim large shim x2 round bit with holes in it large shim x1 is there supposed to be 2 shims closest to the top??? Also where do you get the replacement parts from???
  7. thespikeyone

    How Is It

    in fairness dabster may have a point, there were at least 3 pos 4 (that I know of!) during the ssdt that had to have the gearbox changed a couple at the road side!!!
  8. I must admit, when I got there and watched some really good riders pushing, not just dabbing, pushing there way up the section I knew it was waaaaaaaaay beyond me and asked for fives. I think if it was two single sections I may have been enticed to rotovate through it for a three with a half hour break in between!! would liked to have seen doug and dibs ride it tho.
  9. i would say if you want a one off set danger uk are awesome, bit pricey but really good quality, they mainly deal in motox so may not have templates
  10. yeah really pleased with the jtg performance. if it was a seal that went then fair enough. just thinking about my next bike which is a toss up between ossa and jtg but not sure how the jtg would fair if it didn't have the full factory promotion team there and I know there was a fair few ossas with gearbox problems this year. not interested in the greeves, looks like it was made in someone's shed
  11. Like it says, what happened to Danby's bike during this years SSDT?
  12. once a pongo always a pongo! The observer will still see the dabs you no matter how hard you try to camouflage it!
  13. I've just had mine powder coated and it looks pretty good. just need my engine back so I can finish the refurb. cant help with the polishing i'm afraid.
  14. check the 2 connections on your thermostat to make sure they are not touching. if they are not and you have a multi meter do a continuity check across the thermostat when its cold and nothing is connected if you have continuity the thermostat is bust.
  15. Well I have vey recently taken up enduro and as a keen trials rider I can say that it has helped massivly. As a trials rider you already have the skills and techniques all you need to learn is how to do is go fast. My results have shown it is a great help. I have done 1 time card enduro (finished 1st in sman class) and 2 hare and hounds (1st and 3rd sman class) Got another H & H tomorrow, only my second on the new bike so we will see how it goes.
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