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  1. Maybe just stick a rule in there to say that if you rode at GP level and choose to go down a class ride on a no award basis? Happens in other events (Youth Class) this will help the progression of the youngsters through GP2 and potential Sponsers?
  2. Talk about making it obvious. He may have still won today who knows, but 2 ...... Farce!
  3. Orkney Island Medal ............ You wouldn’t have predicted that last Sunday? Great result 👍
  4. Not a bad effort on the first day of the SSDT with 3 Scorpa's in the 6 clean sheets on day 1 Bet Mr Birkett was smiling last night
  5. gizza5

    Illegal Riding

    Every year same old, same old with illegal riders following the course of the Pre 65 and published at the bottom of the results? These people are obviously not concerned about the future of both the Pre 65 or the SSDT. In some people’s minds it is like anything you are doing wrong you will continue to do it until you are caught, hence they continue and it will be the same next year. Publishing it year on year out falls on deaf ears and I have sympathy with the officials as they cannot man every bit of the course so what indeed is the solution to this ongoing problem to preserve both of the events? Maybe the landowners one day will pull the plug? If you are one of those illegals reading this.............thank you!!
  6. You Gas Gas boys say the 280 is more of a beast than the 300 so not always the case?
  7. @nigel dabster one of these would sort it. Son of Darius the biggest rabbit in the world was here last Summer?
  8. www.bunnybunkhousecoventry.co.uk Real ones lots of them
  9. ..........gotta keep up with the youngsters. This is how they talk to each other even in the same room sat next to each other. The only thing sat between me and the wife on the sofa is her Rabbit she has two now!!!!!!!!
  10. We all remember when JT bunked up in his truck years ago outdoing everyone else in the car park then it has just got silly with 40 foot artics. Possibly plenty of venues available out there but not the infrastructure to cater for the current set up so maybe by discouraging them will help the sport and more people wanting to host? Back on post great venue bring your passports to enter “Gods County” 👍
  11. Yep you are right completely off topic talking about land use in England
  12. I remember as a Youth riding my Bulto 250 (you could ride a 250 back then) you could also as an 'A' class rider also ride adult trials. Remember once cheekily pushing my bike to get to the front as you do and getting a few looks! Only to discover when I was ready to attack the section selected first and the bloody bike set off backwards knocking a few in the queue over like dominos 😂😂😂
  13. Yes it would be good if the factory riders were there again I was lucky enough to ride the years that they were there? As for using the SSDT as a test bed for bikes why should they? Most trials bikes are used for the club trial 4 to 5 hours of riding, one tank of fuel and rarely using the top two gears, occasionally people venture into road based trials 6 or 7 hours of riding still a single day and the top gear used? So the factories build a bike for this need light, small fuel tank, low geared etc. etc as this is the biggest market? Why oh why would they want to focus on a Six Day Trial and in all fairness all modern bikes cope well in the right hands. I mentioned small tanks in the 80's the rules stated for the SSDT that your bike should be capable of doing 35 miles to enable you to get to fuel checks with 4 checks most days the Thursday having 5 checks.. Today's trial the checks are c18miles more checks needed with 7 on the Thursday. Maybe the factory's should make all their bikes with 5 litre tanks just in case they enter the Scottish?
  14. Tell me about it I came 131st twice? That'll be the first of the Second Class awards 😢😢
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