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  1. Hi I'm using pj1 smokeless oil and ratio is 75ml to 5litres of fuel
  2. Yea air filter is fine bike always runs fine when I'm using it then dies out won't kick back up until I change plug
  3. Hi guys I have a 2013 txt pro 300 the issue I'm having is I'm going through spark plugs like every month and when I take them out they are full of carbon. I was wandering if the carb is set up right as I'm running the fuel oil mixture to what gasgas recommend and can o my think that the carb is dragging in to much fuel?? Any help would be great thanks
  4. Hi I have recently snapped the kickstart gear on my bike that is attached to the kickstart shaft. I have stripped it down and taken the old one off but I am not sure once I have placed everything back on the shaft how to place it in the bike, I.E does the shaft have to be turned to load the spring. Any information would be graet thank you in advance. Dean
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