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  1. Social Media is going on. Things change, not always for the better of course. Misinformation, and strongly held, ill informed opinion never had a better platform.
  2. Slow (black) throttle a must ...
  3. I have had a standard UK spec 15 model, and now a 19 model and it is very torquey and slow revving and suits my deliberate clubman level riding. It definitely goes if you open it up. I do think its a personal thing though, not for everyone and as ever try beg a quick go on one. I frequently ride our revier 250 Evo, but far prefer the 300.
  4. Some years ago I inadvertently bought a used 250 Pro that was a grey import with weird extremely lean jetting, pilot, clip and main that gave it awful slow to mid transition. Apparently this was for emissions in wherever it came from. Repalced the jets to uk standard and it ran great.
  5. Friend of mine just got OEM 2017 graphics from GGUK
  6. Gas Gas introduced their ultra lightweight 'Pro' model in 2002, which is fantastic to ride, but it was too early, by about 2004, 2005 had ironed out the issues. Curiously the TXT model just prior to that, and for a year or so in parallel are great mechanically just a little heavier. 2009 Beta introduced their 'Evo' model, which did have some frame issues in the first year if ridden hard. The previous Rev model is great, a tidy one would make a great first bike, all Betas up to 2015 can suffer stator issue, but the fixes are well documented here in TC. At that age the life and ownership it has had more important than anything. Can't go wrong with any 250.
  7. Uk news sources: 9 Jan 2019 (our own TC amongst others)
  8. Too early. Early in Jan, last year around Sheffield, later in Jan in previous years.
  9. I think you have something here, it used to be Dads, family and friends that would observe as they began to ride less, now everyone keeps riding. In fact I would expect the median age at most club trials now is between 40 and 50. I like the idea of the AMCA MX set up where its no work, no ride, everyone in the club has to observe or no ride. Or its a continuing decline in actually observed trials, though I do wonder just how much this bothers the majority !
  10. 5again

    Rear shock

    Yep, I used the same Ohlins unit on a std 12, std 15 then the Factory 15.
  11. 5again

    Rear shock

    My 15 Factory worked great with an Ohlins off a standard Evo, I think the 17 Factory was the switch to R16V shock. I think the 16 will be fine.
  12. Yes, removed the right side additional weight on a standard 18 250, slight but noticeable difference. The remaining flywheel is still very substantial. I understand there is another weight on the other side, either on the clutch basket or primary drive. You need the new type remover, and a very strong torx bit to remove the weight, it also uses a red thread lock, which might of come off easier if heated.
  13. 5again

    Factory 300

    I am looking for a late model s/h 300 and noted that there appears to be a few Factory models advertised on the evil bay, does anybody have experience of the standard UK model vs the Factory model, I have had a few goes on standard 300s and consequently would like one, but do like the bling and look of the Factory if it still rides like a Beta for a regular ‘clubman’, but don’t see any at our club to scrounge a quick go.
  14. This situation is widespread, but is just the way club trials has evolved as the average age of participants (and organisers) has increased. I'm numb to the crazed development and cost of Pre-65 Bantams etc, each to their own I guess. However I think there is a creeping problem with Experts on the Easy route, and if they are o50 and very much now o60 then you have have sympathy that they don't want to hurt themselves. However complaining that it was a bit easy, or losing the trial due to a slack dab can be very damaging to the sport as clubs do start to wind up the standard on those routes which deters newcomers, and they are probably the most important and sadly rare participant today. Lets face it, for most competitors there is probably a harder route available, for those less able or starting out there might not be an easier one.
  15. Thought I read that Trial2 4Ts are restricted to 260, and I would of thought he would run with his WTC bike. But no doubt definitely not standard.
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