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  1. Found a pretty good deal on a 1999 gasgas 270 and wanted to know if it’s worth buying as a first bike or not. The only other trials bike I’ve ridden is a buddy’s 2006 sherco 290. are these bike considered “same generation” or is there big differences and upgrades in those 7 years? and can you get parts for the 99 gasgas? anything specific to look for in these models tht go out a lot? i am trying to stay on a budget with my first one so I’ve been looking at stuff around $3k or less And he’s asking $1900 and may have a little room it’s supposed to be in Mint condition
  2. Are these problems every bike will have or is this model sherco notorious for having bad issues?
  3. Is their a way to prevent the forks from getting smashed in?
  4. I’m not willing to spend the price tag on 16+ Sherco im wondering if the 13 is much different than the 06 models is the price difference in these two worth it? Are the gains in the 13 significant over the 06?
  5. What do you mean? What is the reason
  6. I have the opportunity to get this trials bike and wanted some opinions I am curious if this model Is much upgraded over a 2006 sherco? The reason I ask is that my friend has an 06 and I know the price point I can get them at, wondering if going up to the 13 is worth it or not. Thanks for the insight
  7. And thank you guys for your replies
  8. He’s asking $1,200 looks decent shape but didn’t know how much performance i would he loosing vs a 2006ish sherco ? Is there big upgrades during this time frame? Or are they close to same bike?
  9. Anyone have experience with these? Are they reliable ? this would be my first trials bike is it a good idea or not?
  10. Wanting to get into trials and purchased a used bike in my price range, looking for 2000-2010 roughly, between sherco, gas gas, beta and montesa(315r) which is the best bike to fit the criteria? Which of them had significant updates if any that separated them (new tech, new frame, etc) not looking for a p****** match between brands, just looking for good information about the realities of each brand and what they do better than the others, etc Thanks for the Help!
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