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  1. Hi would love a copy please 2020 lightning823905@aol.com thanks
  2. I think the the 200 and the 225 needs a bit of matching up ( machining)
  3. I love my 125 but a little bit more off the bottom Is what I am looking for
  4. Thanks for all you help I am going to do the 200 set up not the s3 225 kit i think the 200 would be better then the 225
  5. Hi can you please tell me more what cylinder piston head was used
  6. Can you get a 200cc kit to turn the 125 txt into a 200cc ? I know they did a lot for the old pot model did not know if it would fit the new txt
  7. What difference does it make
  8. Has anyone removed the fly wheel weight on a 2018/19 GB specs and did it make any difference
  9. Markws80

    Sherco vs... Trrs

    I lost faith in Sherco ? After all the problems I had So got a beta 250 Factory 2019 and love it my partner has got a trs and she loves it
  10. Markws80

    Sherco vs... Trrs

    I had a 2017 factory 250 Sherco and the clutch was bad? had lots of problems and in the end the bike went back on the warranty and got my money back don’t know if they’ve improved the diaphragm clutch now
  11. Markws80


    Thanks the nano trans smell like the old EP90 ?
  12. Markws80


    Anyone know what is the difference between putoline nano trans gp and putoline light gear oil ?
  13. Markws80

    2019 factory

    Pick up my new 250 factory from SW TRIALS
  14. I just got my 19 factory 250 from SW Trials And love it Will it make me ride any better I doubt it
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