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    Sherco vs... Trrs

    thanks a lot I 'm decided to try a TRRS rr19
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    Hello!! Iam new here, a clubman rider from spain , with a sherco , and sherpa, cota 348 an tr80 ossa Regards!!
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    Sherco vs... Trrs

    Thanks a lot Markws80 , and wich one ara you using? It seems then the cluch problem is solved on 2019
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    Sherco vs... Trrs

    Hy guys !! regards from Spain, I'm new in this forum i'm loking for a new bike (2018-2019 model) riding from a old 2008 sherco . Question is about factory blue or yellow rr , tried a 2017 trrs and its lovely, not tried the new sherco 2018 . But.... what about trrs fiability and what about new clutch in sherco?? Basic/Intermediate level Thanks a lot for your help!! (and sorry form my bad english)
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