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  1. I have both and would say the gaerne is the better boot.
  2. the dabster

    Tech forks

    19 factory beta had very good forks, had this discussion already several times. Beta suspension is really good, if you're a top rider you may feel the need for a different shock but I thought the forks were brilliant.
  3. the dabster


    It is unfortunate that you have both had those problems. It's hard to envisage because I have run a 19 Gold for seven months and the bike is near perfect, had two separate Allen screws loosen slightly in all that time not another single issue. Very well designed and built, performs brilliantly.
  4. Thanks, that is what I meant but didn't make a very good job of wording it. I want to ride clubman but not the over 50 category even though I am over 50 but wouldn't do it obviously if it excluded me from being able to score points at a championship trial.
  5. Hi, is it permissible for an over 50 rider to ride in the clubman group for instance as an alternative to 0/50 clubman route? would it be possible to ride in a club or national championship doing this? Thanks in anticipation.
  6. I had a test ride at a dealers first week January last year, pictures were on the web December.
  7. Very Good question, usually out by now, have one provisionally booked as one of two brands I am considering for 2020. Phoned the importer a fortnight ago and they have no idea what's happening as regards changes etc.
  8. Sorry, I should have said I don't know what pads the ossa takes but I do know recent gasser with braktech brakes have pads that don't use retaining pins.
  9. how often can a x11 be turned before the tyre becomes stretched or won't hold air. Interested to know because they can keep a good square edge on the tire when turned regularly but wondered will this affect the tyre in any other way?
  10. That's interesting information. So for the sake of conjecture if I wanted to renew the clutch on my TRS Gold I could order the Kevlar plates the new gasgas use theoretically?
  11. was going to say the exact same thing.
  12. As baldilocks has said the TRS pump is designed to let the fluid exit rather than enter the gear oil when the seal fails. Coolant can react with the plates and ruin the clutch also. I've experience both things.
  13. I would be interested in hearing from the carb technician billy as to what is the best way to eliminate that lean spot in the mid range you allude to in your original post. I know this very same scenerio afflicts bikes with keihin pwk carbs gas gas and TRS to name two.
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