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  1. So how do you adjust the ring with three numbered options and what effect does it have overall?
  2. The sole contributory factor in propagating this virus is social interaction. If you ride your bike in isolation there is absolutely no chance you will harm anyone else. The risk you take if you break a limb and require remedial surgery is sharing an ambience with contaminated people shedding aerosolised pathogens that you will potentially breathe also. In this context you have wilfully exposed yourself and we reap what we sow as the saying goes. There are worse things in life than someone enjoying motorcycling in a rural area and I face Covid patients every day. No one bats an eyelid when ten thousand anarchist protesters take to the streets of London and two months later the intensive care units are overflowing. Bikes get a bad press at every opportunity from what I see no matter what the topic.
  3. I have the jitsie protection, the knee pads are pretty good but at 18 stone I find the top of the elbow pads tight. Okay if you manage to keep arms relatively straight bur tourniquet effect if not, shame because they are a very good compromise between protection and bulk.
  4. 65ml to 5lts mx9, putoline nano trans, standard plug. Shirty sets them up perfectly 45 pilot low cpmp head, leave as is, power is perfect. Ride it as it comes.you wont find a better set up.
  5. as arnoux has said, cut the zip ties securing the light and follow the wire back into the loom at the headstock. you could remove the tank for clarity. Just pull the plug at the first connector and seal the connector with electrical grease. Great bike the 300 GP.
  6. Think its different decals basically same model. I have a friend who is an engineer that has rebuilt hundreds of bike engines and gearboxes over the years and recently rebuilt a 19 GG and said he was impressed with the mechanical changes. I rode a 2020 GP for a while this year and I was very impressed with the bike coming from a vertigo. Im not sure the reiger is better than the ohlins if that's what's on the racing model where you are. Would recommend one in a heartbeat.
  7. ring gummed, if it going away quickly something is expanding with heat. I would only worry about it if it didn't subside. There's nothing in there on a two stroke motor other than piston and rings .I wouldn't worry about it just run it.
  8. three kicks from cold first kick every time when hot. !/4 to half throttle and engage kick at top of stroke, don't shut the throttle as you kick roll it off as it fires. It needs to see fuel to fire hence throttle, you'll get the feel for it.
  9. Vertigo are very reliable now, not like the first models, however if you choose a factory beta you will probably pick the best all rounder out there. Lots of comments about the steep rake on a beta but i've ridden every bike there is and I still say the beta is the easiest to ride bar none.
  10. Thanks for the info Peter. To answer your questions, the fuel cap hole is clear and yes I bought the bike new about two months ago and yes it ran fine. I have spoken to vertigo for advice on this and they informed me dirt in the throttle body can cause a rise to revs and that if I have access to a tuning box I can enrich the mixture as I see fit. They also said that the bike runs slightly lean as normal due to the nature of the FI as I understand it. I intend to alter the mixture at some point in the future to see how effective that is.
  11. I get the logic of what you say, I don't think its anything like that the bike is still fresh.
  12. Yeah I think it does. It does it on the wet map and I believe the dry map is leaner so it is a definite problem. It may well be an idiosyncrasy of fuel injection so may need to get used to avoiding letting the engine get loaded to that extent, like what riding a 125 must be like if that makes sense.
  13. That's a possibility, using the recommended 30ml per 5 lts/
  14. I don't but I know some owners that have and said I could use it if needed. TBH I fully intended to leave as it comes from the factory but it definitelt sounds lean off the bottom when under load.
  15. Not long purchased my 2020 vertical 250 and noticed it does not like pull from very low revs as the engine seems to bog down and rattle like its got a lean ping. anything above that its clean as a whistle right up to full throttle. Do I need to get access to a tuning box and enrich the mixture of the bottom to eliminate this? Another thing I have noticed is the tick over has gone up of late,, it now idles much higher than it did previously but I haven't changed anything. Can I just turn the tickover down at the screw on the throttle body? Many thanks in advance for any advice.
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