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  1. TRRS and Vertigo look super nice, but I can pick up the 2020 Gasser for $3k less and a 2021 for $2k less. Thanks for the feedback! Seems the consensus is that there is very little difference in the 2020 to 2021 model year. I grabbed a good deal on the 2020 TXT250 and saved myself a little cash for some bling.
  2. Looking at purchasing a new GasGas TXT 250 and was wondering if anybody could tell me the major differences between the 2020 model year and the 2021 model year. I can pick up a brand new 2020 at a discounted price, but I want to make sure I'm not missing anything big on waiting a month and picking up the 2021 model year for a little extra cash. My dealer didn't have much info so I was hoping you gents could help out!!! Much appreciated!! It's not that I'm likely to notice the difference anyways as I am a fairly novice rider to begin with, but now that KTM is in charge I was curious to see if they may have improved any parts to concern reliability. Thanks in advance!
  3. Seeing lots of Montesa's placing well in Trial 2 this year (Martyn, Grattarola, Moret, Marcelli). Are these guys running pretty much stock machines? Or are they modded out to the max like Bou's and Fuji's machines?
  4. Try No Limits Motorsports in Squamish. Sherco/Beta dealer. I know they occasionally demo bikes..... they may rent as well..... MT
  5. John - Try the VMar Spacers - worked like a charm on my Repsol - had the same problem.
  6. I have a 2008 Gas Gas TXT 280 with Paioli forks that I am trying to source a fork brace (fender brace) for. I have tried the normal Gas Gas one for model years 02-15 which did not come close to fitting as I believe it was meant for the Marzocchi fork. I then tried a brace for a Beta 2004 Rev which came very close, but not quite the right spacing on the bolt holes to make it work (front to back and side to side). Can anybody assist in pointing me in the right direction to get a brace that works? Part number? Online store (anywhere) that carries it?? Thank you in advance for any info you can provide!
  7. Wider isn't always better..... I've had the Jitsie pegs and went back to standard.... found I moved forward and backward on the bike easier. IMHO.....
  8. Fox Mtn Bike DH pads - called the Launch Pro - slim enough not to restrict movement and offer great protection. http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/ca/en/fox-racing-launch-pro-knee-guards-2016/rp-prod60809
  9. mtinwhis

    2016 Factory

    Can't speak for the 4T, but I have a 2016 Factory 300 2T and it shifts buttery smooth. Clutch is perfect. Zero complaints......
  10. The front disc brake floats and makes a clicking feeling sometimes when you cycle the front forks. First time mine did it I mistook it for the fork. Sheer panic ensued, but upon closer inspection I noticed the front brake caliper floats and occasionally makes a noise like that. Just a thought - may be your forks.... I'm by no means an expert.....
  11. heffergm - I weigh 220 lbs with gear. Thanks for the idea about the additional pvc to increase the preload slightly. Great tip - hadn't thought of that. The fork isn't incredibly soft, but I do lots of "adventure" type rides on the bike and some of the downhills are pretty long and pretty steep with horribly abrupt transitions. I bottom fairly frequently on the harsh transitions. I also sit well into the travel (30% - 35% sag) and am looking to obtain something a little closer to the 1/6 of your travel I've been reading about online. For traditional trials riding the fork performs quite well - just need a little more for those days where I ride straight up and down the mountain..... totty79 - Hadn't thought of the custom spring idea yet either. I can contact some local suspension shops - thank you.
  12. Has anybody been able to source a stiffer front fork spring for the 39mm Tech fork that the 2015 Sherco trials bikes come with?? I've been looking in Canada and the US and have come up dry so far... Anybody with any ideas?? Thanks in advance.
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