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  1. Hello everyone! I found a small problem with my bike - the edges of the decals are peeling off. I want to show you how to solve this problem. We will need a degreaser (you can use something like White Spirit) and glue for the fabric in a can. This glue I bought for gluing fabric to the subwoofer-stealth in the car. The peculiarity of this glue is that it is very sticky and sticks even to polyethylene parts. We peel off part of the decals, or even the entire decals. We clean the plastic and the edges of the stickers from dirt. Cover the sticker with a layer of glue. We dry the glue a little with a hair dryer, and glue it from the center to the edges. Similarly, we glue the other edges. I've tried different types of glue, cyanoacrylate glue, rubber glue, clear 3M double-sided tape, but this glue holds the sticker very tightly. When gluing, be sure to use a hair dryer. After gluing the edges of the sticker, you need to warm up the sticker so that it takes a stretched shape. Good luck to all!
  2. Thanks everyone for their answers. The problem has been found. When I removed the cylinder head, I saw about 2 mm of carbon deposits on the piston. Also, the cylinder head was covered with a huge amount of carbon deposits. The piston rings did not move. Also, the upper connecting rod bearing was slightly loosened, about 0.3 mm. Piston wear was 0.02 mm just opposite the exhaust port. The piston is still in good condition, but I am planning to install a new piston with rings and an upper connecting rod bearing. For the last 30 hours I have used synthetic Shell Oil in a 33: 1 ratio. About 200 ml of black liquid poured out of the exhaust pipe. I've always thought a lot of oil is good for the engine. On the advice of the forum, I will go to 100: 1. Cylinder condition: Piston condition:
  3. I never had a two-stroke engine, the sound is as if there is a metal ball in the cylinder. I removed the exhaust pipe and looked at the condition of the piston. The piston looks good, no scratches. If the little end bearing in a bad condition, how will the sound of the motor change? the sound is like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQrdyM3Nwrc
  4. Hi everyone. Sherco ST300 17, 60 mh. Engine rattle on a cold start on medium rpm. When warmed up, after 40-60 seconds the rattle is disappears. The clutch does not affect the sound. This sound appeared at about 50 mh. The warm engine is working well. Please help identify the problem. rattle engine
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