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  1. It doesn’t have a head insert to change, according to the manual/ year. I did wonder if it had a high comp head but the weren’t fitted that year.
  2. Two other people have tried it and they couldn’t believe how sharp the delivery is, one said it was sharper than his 300 pro, maybe wrong jetting?cannot find carb settings to check it out
  3. Hi all, just recently got a 250 pro 2011 and the power delivery is very sudden, the bikes not done much from new, original chain sprockets ,tyres etc. Gearing is 10/41 map is set in rain mode,slow action throttle fitted. I have a 2013 300 sherco which is a lot smoother to ride and I’m really surprised how bad the gasser is! Any thoughts? Maybe jetting or needle position? cheers john.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, maybe the rebore will give me oomph! I find it very flat at low revs but is fine mid to high revs. Crank seals have been replaced and electronic ignition fitted
  5. Hi guys, I'm looking to get my 1978 ty250 ported as it's very flat at bottom end power,any recommendations where to get it ported/ rebored?
  6. hi, i would recommend vee rubber trials tyres,they are soft compound and the tread is alot deeper than the standard fitment tyres.if i remember correctly the rear is a radial too
  7. hi again, just found out that the coil is an updated part but unfortunately there is no info on the way to wire it up! any help would be appreciated!
  8. hi all, the coil packed up on my sons 2002 rev 50,the new one arrived today but it is a different make(leonelli-old one was ducati) also the wiring is different. the old one has 5 wires( white,red,green,black,plus a blue earth connector) the new one has6 wires(brown,white,red,green,plus two small wires blue and brown) tried to call beta today but are closed,is the coil the wrong one? or an updated part? if so can anyone help me out with the wiring? many thanks, john
  9. jockster

    Beta Rev 80 Help

    You filled them with the forks out, springs out and compressed didn't you? You can down load the manual from the Beta Uk website or email them for a link. couldn't find any info for the 2008 model-have searched and some say 180ml per leg, others 220ml per leg and 350ml per leg
  10. jockster

    Beta Rev 80 Help

    hi,i'm looking for some info on my son's 2008 rev 80(big wheel), looking for fork oil quantity ,i drained the old oil and only about 100ml came out of each leg(fork seals were blown- been told that the quantities were 370 right and 350 left)-is this correct? forks seem quite firm with preload and damping fully backed off. also can the cylinder be rebored or is it plated?
  11. hi all. can anyone supply me with the correct carb settings on my son's 2008 rev80? float height, which needle groove/ air screw turns many thanks john
  12. it's about time we get a youth round in scotland, after all it is a british round! the scottish round in 2013 is still a 3 - 4 hour drive for me and my son and that's the closest one!i do agree that the amount of rounds is probably too much but surely it could be maybe 5 rounds counting out of the 8?
  13. hi, broke mine about 7 years ago at a trial and the doc said that being in my thirties it was going to take a long time to heal,so they put a screw through it to help it heal faster but it still took 3 months.
  14. hi, i had the same problem,but if you leave those spaces blank it works!!
  15. hi,my son has just upgraded from a beta minitrial 50 (auto) to a beta rev 50. the rev is quite a lot larger a bike but he has got used to the extra size. he is 8yrs old and quite small for his age but the bike has improved his riding. here is a clip of him on it to give you an idea of size.
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