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  1. Build up to the Scott

    Delightful video of result of Kieran Child getting into one of those streams on Facebook. Not a good time of year to pick up a second hand bike!! (Honest Guv, one owner and its only done one trial......)
  2. Suspension

    The Info we have is that the Front pipe on the 2019 Vertical is a steel version of the Fajardo's and the Standard mapping is similar. The DL12 has a flatter response that Chris does not like. The Rear Suspension is also a derivative of the Fajardo but with a less adjustable Reiger. Given the Spec of the standard Vertical Chris has been a bit reluctant to pull the trigger and order the new Bike. The tyres are Dunlops and He is used to the X-Lite. The Tech forks aren't the uprated ones either. Essentially he is looking for the bike with Renthal Bars, Michelin tyres, The Gold Tech forks, Uprated Reiger, Titanium Pipe and the Get ECU. Sort of a 2019 Ice Hell.
  3. Suspension

    Did you get this sorted?? If Not Chris is hoping to be at the next West Leeds Trial so it might be worth a chat. As for the DL12 it's a bike to do the Scott and Scottish. The Farjardo is a bike suited to more Modern Trials and designed to react. The Engine is pretty much spot on for most trials on a weekend. We do know of a few people who have the DL12 but they are altering the engine to be more "Fajardo".
  4. BOOTS!

    Chris has had a few Boots in his time and is buying a New Pair of Sidi Trials Zero Raga replicas to replace his old Sidi Trials zero Raga replicas. The only downside his the sole is not replaceable.
  5. Mini Vandal

    I believe the Market is elsewhere hence why they are building them. Personally A Beta 80 rival would be a better bet in the UK. They have however brought out a 125cc Fi model which to me brings the Age profile down a lot more effectively.
  6. Class act from Gas Gas / Torrot

    As far as I understand it Vertigo paid Arnau Farre's contract for the whole year despite his injury. Can't see much money grabbing about it. The whole Rider market could be described as money grabbing though lots of deals and contracts seem to mean little.
  7. Advice on buying a Vertigo

    Got to admit a sharing platform for GET maps is a good idea. Like a stopped clock you can be right some of the time...............
  8. Advice on buying a Vertigo

    Always happens. Some decide they don't like them, others its an impulse purchase or chasing their youth. Some people just like to try the latest thing and go back to their old favourite. My son tries to change once a year. Given the "Special" this year wasn't the bike he likes to ride he'll be waiting to see if the 2019 is close and tweak it.
  9. Advice on buying a Vertigo

    Only way to tell is to ride them. Chris always goes for the 300 as he prefers to have the oomph available and he can control the Power on the throttle. He warms the bike up using the softer maps before riding on Map 1 and 4 once the bike is warm. They do engine brake but the newer the model the less they do it. Latest is that it can be dialled out if you use the App and the Get injection. The original Camos were a bit more temperamental but the later the better. The Ice Hell is slightly better balanced, The Fajardo is a great bike if you like throwing it around and the engine mapping moved the game on, the DL replica is better if you are a steady rider. The engines a bit flat for my son. They are pretty reliable but you still need to maintain the usual suspects, bearings, pads etc.
  10. The Trial today at Post Hill has had to be cancelled. They have been unable to find course markers available to mark the Trial out.
  11. My boy wants to ride

    Given you are based in Europe I'd stick to 125 bikes as The FIM make the rules here and 125 is in the rules for anybody up to 16 years old. As a thirteen year old he should be challenged enough until he gets the hangs of it!. If you have a Gas Gas then the 125 version is a good bike being flickable revvy and it feels light to a young rider. You'll have the bits already and it's just a matter of finding a good one if you follow the second hand route.
  12. Beta 80 keeps killing spark plugs

    Check to see if there is an Iridium Alternative. They can stand the heat and will last longer.
  13. Sherco vacancy??

    Various Facebook posts tend to indicate that Cabastaney has parted ways with Sherco.
  14. 2018 Vertical 300 maps

    ??? http://www.getdata.it/data/documentation/sito/Gestione_motore/WIFICOM/Manuali/GD_MUP_0003_AC.pdf
  15. Toby Martin to a Montesa?

    Does the ride include the BTC? The Montesa Has not proven to be that effective unless Bou is riding.