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  1. Seems that a 2020 bike has been pictured on Facebook. Looks like the ICE side will continue.
  2. I said Remove CO2. By definition that's all CO2. As for Plants they breathe CO2 in and Oxygen out as part of the photo synthesis process. No CO2 no plants. Didn't you take Biology at school?
  3. Unfortunately if you remove CO2 from the atmosphere not only do plants die, we do as well. CO2 triggers our breathing out mechanism. As a Greenhouse gas CO2 is rather poor. There isn't a great deal of it in the atmosphere and the so called "heating effect" does not happen. CO2 increases only once the temp has increased. It does not cause an increase. In Leeds you only need to look at the Buildings to realise we don't push out anything near the pollution we used to. The "black" buildings and SMOG of my youth have been replaced by clean stone and vastly superior air to breathe.
  4. Given the GP19 has a new Swing arm I suspect that the 2020 bikes will be similar. My Son reckons it rides better with it.
  5. We moved from an OSSA TR300i to a Vertigo Combat 2017 then on to a Fajardo 300. The fuel consumption has not been an issue. I wouldn't say the Vertigo drinks any more than any other bike we have had. We weren't that happy with the map on the Combat. It seemed a bit weak despite the factory sending a guy to remap it. The Fajardo is rather good but My Son just feels the engine has too much engine braking, a problem the OSSA never suffered from. The upshot is that My Son will be buying a TRS or Gas Gas which is a pain because the Ossa and Vertigo are that much better to maintain regarding Air filters and airbox cleaning. If the OSSA was still around and being developed we would definitely be buying another. We only had one Problem which was down to needing a TPS reset. One thing I haven't mentioned is that we use Shell V-Power 99RON fuel and have done for a while. It tames any pinking.
  6. Just seen that he passed away on the 1st February. Previously imported Scorpa on the back of a very successful Trials Career he will also be remembered as the co-promoter with Martin Lampkin of the Sheffield Indoor. RIP
  7. Looks like Tale wagging dog again. Another case of if you don't play by my rules...
  8. How easy is the adjustment?? We had a 2015 Jotagas and that was a pain in the neck to get right!!!
  9. Just seen that Richard died today. He'd been fighting Cancer for a while. No further details as yet, RIP Richard.
  10. Can't say I'm enthused by the Venue. Miles away though Hostile Police territory. Even though the Tunnel exists under the Conwy its not a pleasant drive and the weather is awkward at the best. I also gather from BTCC forums that the approach roads are a bit dodgy. The same could be said for Addingham but it is much easier to get to.
  11. Delightful video of result of Kieran Child getting into one of those streams on Facebook. Not a good time of year to pick up a second hand bike!! (Honest Guv, one owner and its only done one trial......)
  12. telecat


    The Info we have is that the Front pipe on the 2019 Vertical is a steel version of the Fajardo's and the Standard mapping is similar. The DL12 has a flatter response that Chris does not like. The Rear Suspension is also a derivative of the Fajardo but with a less adjustable Reiger. Given the Spec of the standard Vertical Chris has been a bit reluctant to pull the trigger and order the new Bike. The tyres are Dunlops and He is used to the X-Lite. The Tech forks aren't the uprated ones either. Essentially he is looking for the bike with Renthal Bars, Michelin tyres, The Gold Tech forks, Uprated Reiger, Titanium Pipe and the Get ECU. Sort of a 2019 Ice Hell.
  13. telecat


    Did you get this sorted?? If Not Chris is hoping to be at the next West Leeds Trial so it might be worth a chat. As for the DL12 it's a bike to do the Scott and Scottish. The Farjardo is a bike suited to more Modern Trials and designed to react. The Engine is pretty much spot on for most trials on a weekend. We do know of a few people who have the DL12 but they are altering the engine to be more "Fajardo".
  14. telecat


    Chris has had a few Boots in his time and is buying a New Pair of Sidi Trials Zero Raga replicas to replace his old Sidi Trials zero Raga replicas. The only downside his the sole is not replaceable.
  15. telecat

    Mini Vandal

    I believe the Market is elsewhere hence why they are building them. Personally A Beta 80 rival would be a better bet in the UK. They have however brought out a 125cc Fi model which to me brings the Age profile down a lot more effectively.
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