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  1. Hi. Bike is an 18' model, the wheels are jitsie lightweight practice wheels. Hopefully anyone with GET ecu/wifi accessible can post map version and any correction they do with neg/pos effects on performance. Just interested in trying out what others have. Your bike the same, any alteration done?
  2. Anyone have any maps they would care to screenshot and share for map 1 & 2. Pic for att.
  3. Hello. Are there any members here on this thread able to help me. I am desperately trying to sort my bike out. Just needs fettling since adding my flywheel weight. So looking to get the software to attempt running the cable mod I have carried out. A few members here have sent me links but I'm unable to get anywhere near opening them. If someone can help please fire away. Kind regards
  4. hi, Thanks, although my bike does not need this addition. I should have been more clear in my response, i am in need of the diagnostic software, i have tried with some sent by members here although i cannot get it to unzip through dropbox. "torrent is not valid bencoding" is what i end up with using various winrar or rar file openers.. plse help ;(
  5. Hi. im looking to make some adjustments to my tr 300i since adding a flywheel weight recently. would you be able to point me in the right direction for software plse lotus54?.. kind regards
  6. Hi, i have made the lead as others have, althought not sought the software until now as nothing has been needed, so lead is an unknown and no software. Is it available, do you know where i can download it? I will follow the measurements and process you highlight. Be good to have it back but with even more GRIP!?
  7. Hi all. I have a 15 300 tri. fitted myself a s3 flywheel weight kit and it is now idling too low and now stalls on its warm up period. Im hoping someone can help with some software so i can get this sorted. my 3rd ossa ! luv em!!
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