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  1. Hi All, I recently (a couple of weeks ago) got my Ossa back from the shop (cascade motorsports) and their report was a little piece broken in the inside of the mechanisms. Reason why I couldn't kick it to start. Apparently I might have brake something in there either when I was taking it appart or putting it back together - go figure... I also ask them to please re-set the TPS. I'm glad I sent it to them bcz first of all they've been really helpful and secondly I was getting lost here... without the right tools, not knowing enough, inexperience, etc. I still need to put the cosmetics of the bike together (e.g. front tire, throttle cable, bolts here and there, skid, plastics, etc., etc.) before giving it a try. I'd let you know how it goes once that day comes (swamp at work and wheather not helping much around here... still snowing and -15ish). I hope to finally have a chance to start practicing again. I'm really out of shape... Glad to see the post rolling... ! Cheers ! ricarvar
  2. Not quite yet... but things seems to be moving (slowly) ahead though. I shipped it to an old Ossa dealership, they took the engine appart and found a broken little piece that was seizing the kickstarter (after my failed attemp to fix it). As they say this is a winter project for them so I hope it to be ready for next year...
  3. Hummm... I didn't see fuel coming out at all ! I had it connected to the cabling/signal and the fuel hose directly on it, ran the software (3 times) and no fuel coming out... funny thing is the software doesn't say much... just "ready or finished" (can't remember now)... but it doesn't say anything other than that. As suggested by Ossa - I plan to order the pick-up coil, carnk gasket and bolts to replace such. I'll ask (Matt at dualsport plus) for this as well and see what he says...
  4. Today I ran the software again but I had removed the injector from the engine. Although the software shows it runs the injector, it did not delivered any fuel (?). So I wonder whether that only tests the electronics and not the actual/physical fuel injection into the engine ? Could that be the reason why when I kick the bike never get the spark plug wet?... if so... how to find out whether it's problems in the signal to the injector or the injector itself?
  5. Thank you Lotus54 !!! This will help me lots :-) !!!
  6. Can't find the step-by-step of how to adjust the TPS... anyone has something like it?...fool-proved preferably as I'm new at this :-) what screws to loose, which one to tight, etc...
  7. HI All, Sorry for such late reply. I haven't had a chance top work on the bike at all... so I'm stuck on same last place. However, as soon as I get a chance I will try to: 1. Set TPS to recommended values (I've never done it before... hope that is not difficult ?) 2. Double check injector as recommended by peterb above. Cheers !
  8. Hi All, I've been in the field on some work-assignment and not back until next week; as such, I haven't had a chance to work/reply. However, I'm still very puzzle with the spark-plug not getting wet while the software doesn't indicates any troubles. I'm guessing the circuit 9from the software perspective) is ok and the problem may be something physical. What could cause the spark plug not to get wet?... any seal-leaks somewhere that could suck the gasoline before it goes up to the spark plug?
  9. ok... more news... I re-assembled the stator with the old parts - just to retest again and be sure what else may be wrong. I still haven't changed the damaged cranck-cover bolts or pick-up coil yet, but I plan to do it once I sort out what else may need replacing. So I re-tested all the eight (8) functions with the software and "ALL" seem to be good - which may indicates that the pick-up coil is still doing its job (? although I plan to replace it). for example, I installed a Spark-plug tester that lights-up between the spark-cable and the spark-plug... and it does when I tested the ignition coil. The injector does makes the electric noise also when tested, the fuel pump does gets "on" and make noise, the fan does rotates and makes noise, and all the other four (4) parameters in the software do make noises when tested. So from the software... what can I tell to troubleshoot my non-start issue ??? I also bought a Fuel-Injection-pressure tester - to be sure the fuel pump is putting out 50psig and maintaining it. Findings: it does put out 52 psig. The pressure goes down slowly though with no leaks... which I don't know whether it's normal or not ???. As you guys mentioned before, I'd also need to adjust the TPS as it's off, but I guess that will happen once I've found the "no-start" issue. So the question now is whether the pressure-lost affects a bike to not-start?, what else can be tested electrically for start (e.g. voltage, amps, etc.)? or what else can cause the non-start issue?... seems like I'm back close to ground zero :-(
  10. ... forgot to mention... the woodruff key seems to be ok in the shaft. the dirt in the crevice is around the crankshaft cover, between the cover and the "cage/body". I plan to order the pick up coil as the piece of bolt-head is stick in it. The stator looks good; however I wish I knew the data/info to test it. There are 7 cables in total. three to one conector and five to another connector. Anyone knows how to test that?... it doesn't match the video that I saw for regular stators and can't find for 5 or 7 cables on internet...
  11. btw... the pic does not load up :-( :-( :-(
  12. ok ... this is getting interesting and complicated... first of all - as lotus suggested - I did check whether the spark plug was getting wet... and it did not. so then I removed the fuel hose from the injector and a burst of fuel just shoot out as soon as I pulled it off... I though wow, the injector must be clogged. So I embarked on removing it and clean it, which I did using brake cleaner, etc. It seems to spit like a pro-baseball coach ... (good). I put it back on and kick it to start... and... nothing, at all, "nada". Now I think that maybe the fuel hose gets pressurized with gas even if the injector is ok (?). So next thought was maybe there is no signal getting to the injector.... so I hooked up the voltmeter and when I kick the bike it reads about 35 volts DC... is that ok?... should be AC?... anyhow. I then found out (as Ossabc) says the flywheel thread is right-hand thread... so I just removed it today. I still don't get though about how to protect it for installation ? So... three of the six-bolts that are behind the stator (holding the craftshank cover) lost their heads off, and inside the stator were a bunch of metal debris, dirt, oil, crap... and pieces of the bolt-heads were pushed around the "pick up" coil. Once I removed the stator and pick-up coil... I found out that there was actually once piece of the bolt head inserted at the bottom of the pick-up coil (see pic). So the stator is hanging (literally) in there. There's also a lot of crap within the crevice of the crankshaft... Now, one may say that's the reason why it doesn't work (?)... but... I wonder: Why there are voltage readings at the injector, why the spark plug lights up and why the spark plug is still dry???
  13. Good point lotus... I'll check the spark plug again next time! I was able to remove the torx bolt from the rotor; however, the puller I got (27 x 1.0) is not for this bike... no idea how easy is to get an Ossa puller. Anyone know their specs (diameter, thread, etc.)? I found a couple of nice videos from this guy about testing the stator (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVXnbrigYf8) and regulator/rectifier (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ted0_4On29M) that I plan to try.
  14. Hey Guys, I did the "spark plug" test with the software as Canada and Lotus mentioned... I also connected a spark tester that just bought to be sure I didn't mess anything up... and it does spark :-) The bulb lights up - so I guess that's good news. I also found what seems to be the fly-wheel puller ! Q - I believe the "torx" bolt in the flywheel needs to be removed before using the flywheel-puller, right?... I also understand there is something that is "left-thread"... what is the one that is left... the bolt or the puller ?... I don't want to mess up the threads but do not understand how that works I also tested all other 8 functions with the software. All seem to run (?) as the spark-plug lights up, then on the 2nd-test the fuel pump sounds on for 10 second, and so on for all of the rest EXCEPT the "Fuel Injector #1"... I ran the test and finishes it but doesn't sound anything... how can I tell if it's pass or not? Sorry for asking too much but I just really am learning as I go here... Thanks again for such fantastic support though !
  15. ... uh... peterb... by the way... no one around that I know of to ask for an ECU. I'm kind of having a guts-feeling that the coil that feed the spark-plug (what's its name?) may be burnt-out... bcz I can;t get the spark-plug to spark. However, truth being told... it's a bummer to hold the spark plug while at the same time trying to kick the bike on... and I don;t want to burn out the circuits in case I don;t get it in good ground-contact (right?)... so: Q1. Is there a away to test that coil?. it has a blue cable coming from what I guess is the fly-wheel... and a groound connection and then the cable for the spark-plug. Q2. How exactly should I test the pick-up coil ?
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