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  1. Hi. Try to make the mixture to 0.6%. ( 6cc/ 1 ltr.) 100% synthetic oil, clean airbox and admission. Regards.
  2. papapitufo

    K-Scan for Ossa

    https://we.tl/t-BldZZbZd5u Expires on 5 Feb 2019.
  3. http://www.motomecanicatrujillo.com/
  4. Hi. You have to remove the circlip with two fine-tipped screwdrivers. It's a bit difficult but it comes out, then you slide the pinion down, and it would all come out. Greetings.
  5. https://nonstopmotoren.com/product/stickerset-ossa-2012-54-1000050212/ Saludos
  6. Hi. It does not say it for your comment, it is for another user. Pleased to show you the repair process. Greetings.
  7. Hi. For those who want to know how to disassemble the gearbox, the pinion must be heated to about 200ºc. Now I'm going to change the bearings. They are references of Gasgas. MT280236158 MT280232043 Cheers.
  8. Hi. I ignore it. In the software package are the Evo6, and Factory14. Try to contact him.
  9. http://www.soloecu.es/ You can send the ecu and they update it to you. Xavi Membribes is the owner, and was the one who developed the ossa injection. There is still parts, you just have to search. Saludos
  10. I was able to start the first or second kick. It is necessary to have a very clean filter, butterfly and admission. I mix it at 0.6% (30cc per 5 liters) It also helps to reset the tps.
  11. https://traubenacker.wufoo.com/forms/znx0yuq1ob284i/ Hi. Fill in the fields, and they will send you the files. regards
  12. papapitufo


    Hi. Need this version of software: I have the last version with 6 buttons, but could not download maps to the bike. Cheers.
  13. Hi. I can not download KDS maps to kwritedata. I can only load the KDA maps,tell me it is not the same version when try to download to the bike. why??? Does someone else have the same problem? Cheers
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