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  1. RichardH

    Tiger Cub Engine Thread Sizes

    Thanks for your reply Section Swept. I've been told by a Cub expert that they are 1/4 BSF. I've ordered a tap so hopefully that will solve my problem!
  2. RichardH

    Tiger Cub Engine Thread Sizes

    Does anyone know the thread types/sizes on the Cub engine? I'm particularly interested in the fasteners that attach the gearbox casing to the crankcase. On my engine I've dispensed with the outer cover, meaning I've got 10 2BA screws of various lengths, plus two larger diameter screws at either end of the casing. These are the two I need sizes for. Many thanks.
  3. RichardH

    Spares Availability

    Thanks again everyone for your comments and ideas - positive and otherwise! Although I didn't buy the bike I was considering I haven't entirely given up on the idea - the design ideas look so good and I've always relished a challenge! There don't seem to be many advertised at present, but if something interesting comes up, who knows.
  4. RichardH

    Spares Availability

    Many thanks for the advice everyone. Shame about the Vertigo - that was my second choice! So maybe I'll just stick with my Tiger Cub - shame it's not green though.
  5. RichardH

    Spares Availability

    I'm contemplating buying a 2012 tr280i, but am concerned about the spares situation now that the factory is closed. I spoke to a chap at Trials & Tribulations who was very gloomy and basically told me not to touch it. Birketts are currently closed so can't ask them. Does anyone have any views or advice? Thanks