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  1. They're only professional to the glazed over ,awe struck audience on the thin outer skin. Within ,certain elements are rotton. Fuji's win was fixed so he could retire with a bang. This , along with other significant acts typifies certain Montesa individuals complete arrogance and disregard for any rules. The Spanish Trial inner circle regard this as fact ,before any of you start your ill informed bleating.
  2. They did go bankrupt a while back ( like you do lol ) so guess that's where the rumour started , but they are up and running again , in a small but steady way . In fact they never really stopped .
  3. His ktm was not new enough and not up to the standard by the look of the dry rusty bearings that collapsed in his swinging arm after day 1. He needs a new bike and a proper full time mechanic . He had a mechanic at the event but this was walkers mechanic also . It was doing the best with what they had at the race , but as sure as eggs are eggs those bearings were bone dry and hadn't been serviced and failed on him. He's so hard on the bikes mostly because he's so much faster and completely fearless ... but most riders dont ruin bikes like Billy and I think he's got to treat them softer ... or if you can't be softer get a better bike. He completely fried a clutch on the last of the 2 days. Is that a worn clutch or to hard riding. A bit of both I would guess. Totally destroyed a rear moose - probably old or at the least unlubricated. They can't wear out to this extent if lubed up or inspected before the race. Snapped a chain on each dry - new I believe. Once is bad luck. Any way.. It doesn't matter.What matters is going forward. The new husky will be better. It will be properly maintained by a more permanent mechanic I guess and hope. Billy is the biggest attraction to enduro since knighter and an absolute delight to watch. He is the talk of the sport but doing an Amos Bilbao at the moment. He's young and learning as his dad kept saying. He's on his way up !!. Just go steady on the reins .
  4. I went to the sea to sky in Turkey and despite his 'bad luck' and suspect bike maintainence Billy was the absolute talk of the event. He is soooo much faster than anyone else , and is incredible to watch with a real spark. He just needs to calm down a jot. A future World Champion in my mind.
  5. gasgas249uk

    Getzen Rodeo

    Nice idea and I've thought about this and completed major enduros on a trials bike like the snow run. The Getzen was particularly tough but even still no riders turned up on trials bikes. Trials bikes dont offer the advantage #The suspension / chassis can't cope and the rider won't last as long with no seat. #The gearbox and engine can't cope with regular events. #The fuel range is insufficient leaving the rider stranded with a dnf or meaning your refueling often whilst the enduro boys overtake you in the pits and can last 3.5 hours on a tank full. #The enduro bike boys will get up everything the trials boys can in an extreme event. #The speed isn't there. # Most of all. Trials riders would look a dick / cheat and you'll be laughed at if you get a podium. People want to fit in. These are generalisations but some enduros can be taken on a trials bike and good results can be obtained. The Getzen was a short circuit so trials bikes would do well. The cross over bikes like the ktm freeride just about get away with it , but even they have much small capacity tanks. This is the reason why enduro riders ride enduro bikes not because they haven't heard of Trials.
  6. I've just heard from the Boss and he says they are still working hard on the project but that there still several issues to be sorted out. He states that the outcome is quite promising. The Dragonfly that I saw at Mecatecno was more advanced and recognisable as a trials bike than the current offerings of electric adult bikes. I'm sorry but I can give more details because he asked me not to and also I guess now it could have changed. Fingers crossed it all goes well.
  7. It was an opportunity but the purchase didn't work out. Nothing to do with the bike as clearly they're ace. I'm very happy with the JTG cos they're good and super niche
  8. Based upon the fact that there's been no marketing of any sort giving any indication of a new bike it's likely that this bike is some way off. I might be wrong but I doubt it. When I went to the factory Jordi was testing to destruction air cooled electric motors. They were not getting the desired results in tests so they we're changing the design and cooling of the engine . Mecatecno didn't have plans to just buy engines off the shelf and want to bring out a performing new bike but in order to do this they have to commission new engine casings and internal components. Unless they can just buy these parts the cost of this is just incredible with each mould or stamp for just one component costing tens of thousands of pounds. An investment of this size takes an incredible amount of confidence that your product is going to sell by the bucket load. If they can't rely on this maybe they can get payback over a long period of time , but can they / do they want to wait for the return. In any case the owner will be trying to encourage investment from others to help him with the new bike development. Now electric experts Tarrot have entered the scene. So as normal ,it's all about confidence and the money.
  9. Not that they want to spend. I really enjoy mine and love the design and ride. I prefer it over anything else by a long stretch. I have had no problems on this other than a fuel cap being hard to twist in and out as it's swollen a tiny bit. I think 2 minutes on the plastic thread using a soft wire wheel would sort this. I know it's completely irrelevant for normal riders and I don't follow the btc , but how do Ross' s results on the jtg compare to the Trs ?.
  10. Albert Juvanteny gives an interesting and very honest first hand insight into the Ossa company. He later rode Montesa , Mecatecno and Portus . After riding , he was minder for Gallach and developed the Alfer and JP motorcycles + more. - Visit his home - his photos, his memories and work now - Interview link below on my hobby web www.retrotrials.com/1-exclusive-intervie...lbert-juvanteny.html Photo Iain Lawrie
  11. This is a screenshot of a GIF that i was sent by the Jotagas boss on 28/12/16. The GIF showed it snowing , so do your best to imagine it :). It has a photoshop soft of look about it , but i'm not sure. It gives you the general idea of this years bike colours and design. I didn't get any other details about the bike , but understand that a lot of work has been done on the engine to make it even more smooth.
  12. That was very interesting and much more challenging than thought. Thanks for the video
  13. The first GasGas enduro engine was in 95 and was designed by ex trial rider Bony Geebelen and is based upon a Honda engine. This engine remained virtually unchanged until last week and the new GasGas EC reveal. It remains to the be seen if the "new" GG Ec engine is the old wrapped in new covers. The trial engines bear no similarity to the enduro engines . The trial engine was based upon Miller's Hiro. The design was adopted by Villa. When Villa went bust it was subsequently copied and developed / modded by GasGas. It remained the basic unit until Serra's pro engine.
  14. And the minder who didn't screw the cap on properly got the boot from the tteam.I don't know whether that 5 cost Adam a place or not but it certainly didn't look good on video
  15. Good luck to Jake. I hope he delivers . He has done well getting Dougie work so I'm sure with a little time will get us some 8pm Saturday prime time telly slots . Keeping things realistic Jake does knows the sport inside out and all the politics that goes with it , so he's better placed than anyone. He's also keen as a shed full of mustard so that's good.
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