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  1. Thanks for the reply. From memory the 349 is actually a 349cc, a first for Montesa, a model nomenclature that makes sense😀
  2. Snap, sort of. I once trialed a borrowed Beamish, a lovely looker, a right pain to ride😀
  3. No idea, quite a few in the Eastern Centre. I've done a few minor jobs and lookysees on my 247C and, it appears a well nailed together bike, nicer than my Bully was. Some excentric bits like tapers but, bar that nice to wrench on.
  4. Hi guys, this old girl has popped up for sale up the road and, looks like I'll be the new owner. All there, up on it's toes, bit of cosmetics hopefully...ohh, those mudguards😀 It'll join my 1978 247C which is my first ever 'keeper' twin shock having owned an SWM320, TL125, and Bultaco 198B twice. The old 247C is light, nimble, small with a smoooooth and easy engine, we just get on if you get my drift. Always had a soft spot for Montys. I know the 348 was really a 305cc but compared to the 247C, a bigger bike, heavier and, I'm wondering a bike more suited for an expert rider... I'm more a, well let's be honest, certainly, more novice/intermediate but, hey I'm expert at observing. So, 348, hero or villain in my hands? ... I'll bring it home anyway as I'm very shallow and, like pretty things in bright colours😀 Thanks guys
  5. Maybe useful, there's a few VM carb threads here. Mikuni Tuning and Jetting Guide - THE VINTAGE BIKE BUILDER http://www.vintagebikebuilder.com/mikuni-tuning-and-jetting-guide.html The OKO is a VM copy from what little I know so may help on these too. 😎
  6. Hi there, maybe worth checking if you have the 'correct' jet needle and body. ......from your symptoms, I wonder if your throttle slide has too small a cutaway, again various sizes available. Good luck.
  7. Many thanks for your help guys, very interesting 😎
  8. Title says it all really.....or more a case of what was lying around in the p*** and panic before they closed up shop? Many thanks guys, stay safe
  9. Dave there is a Facebook site dedicated to the 247, lots of 247C owners on there😎 Great bikes, I love mine, super smoooooth engine and physically a small chassis, all really helps on the modern day sections. The 'C' is for competition, they were designed to be lighter than other '247' class bikes. The odd cubic capacity was something to do with French tax breaks as France was a large market for Montesa back then. You'll probably know by now that most simply put a '250' jug 'n slug on it as the 237cc pistons/rings are made of unobtanium.
  10. looking for a website for trials events, enduro and road/circuit racing would be a bonus too ...off to tour France late August by 1992 Honda Revere again (remember them?) or new fangled high tech Wee Strom not sure which yet, so would be great to take in a trial etc Then off to Northern Spain. cheers guys
  11. I know the current wisdom is 250 jug n slug but is anyone doing the original 237cc piston kits yet? Cheers guys
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