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    BULTACO SHERPA 250 Road Registered and V5 in my possession (tax free) Recently re-commissioned and benefits from: Powder coated frame and swinging arm, New: Mikuni carburettor, foot pegs, mud guards, chain guard, Top yoke, seat cover, fuel tap, brake shoes & rear pedal, brake & clutch levers, front fork seals and OZO rear shocks Exhaust has been re-packed Engine fully stripped bore measured, honed and rebuilt with new con rod, balanced crank, using all new bearings and seals. Electrexworld ignition system. Only one half day practice outing since at Inch Perfect to snag, Ran faultless. Mileage unknown

    2,490.00 GBP

  2. Hi I've recently fitted a Mikuni VM26 to my 1979 Sherpa 250 , unfortunately it appears to be run a tad rich. Its running a 35 pilot jet and a 130 main, I've worked the circlip on the needle all the way to the top notch and althought its now running a lot better its still rich and requires very little choke. What jet sizes are being used by anyone else with a Vm26 on a 250?
  3. Suppose I've been lucky really as my 2014 4rt has only just required its fork seals replacing. I have changed the oil before but just drained and refilled with the "required" amount less a tad for the oil that could not be drained. So whilst stripping the full leg down to replace the seals and cleaning each part before replacing I thought I would rebuild the correct way by using the measurement of the oil level rather than the amount. Left "Spring" leg fine 410ml which = 100mm, Right leg to my surprise took 30ml less than the recommended 400ml to achieve 50mm depth. So what should I go with, the level or the amount ?
  4. hannu

    Titanium Stand

    Are titanium side stands worth the cash ??? I have one on my 4RT, going up a steep mud bank Wednesday night, couldn't quite make the top so had to bail laying the bike down on its side. It slid back down a bit till it dug in, nothing special no speed or rocks involved it just dug in and just the weight of the bike managed to bend the side (at the location of the bend) 90". Really didn't expect titanium to bend like that, may as well get alloy for the price. Any thoughts ?
  5. hannu

    4Rt Quality ?

    Finally have a reply from Honda. "Could I please ask if you have taken your motorcycle to a Honda dealership for an inspection? I apologise for misinforming you in my previous email, I had not realised that the warranty period was different for a Montesa bike as opposed to a number of other Honda vehicles. I have now had it confirmed that the warranty period for your motorcycle would be for 6 months parts only. If you would be able to take your motorcycle in to your nearest Honda dealer I would be happy to discuss the next steps forward with them."
  6. hannu

    4Rt Quality ?

    Ok so, just wondering why Montesa recommend in the service manual to replace the brake fluid every six months but only recommend checking the clutch fluid ?
  7. hannu

    4Rt Quality ?

    Just to keep you all in the loop I did contact Honda about two weeks ago re my experience with the seals and bearing. I was impressed by their swift response (24hrs) expressing their regret that I had problems with the bike and that faulty parts would have been covered via a warranty but because it had not been brought to their attention (via dealer) there was nothing they could do. They did ask if there was anything else they could help with, and that they would be happy to assist with the next step forward. I did point out that due to the cost of the seals and bearing it wasn't worth taking the bike on a 100+ mile round trip to the nearest dealer but that I would appreciate assistance regarding the brake and clutch. Week later I'm still waiting a reply. 121 & counting
  8. hannu

    4Rt Quality ?

    You Ozzies are so missing the point here, You obviously take my sarcastic humour to heart. :D S.E.Lucas you know I never thought of changing the brake fluid or replacing the seals Maybe I should have done that when I brought the bike home from the dealers and before I started using it ! Thanks for the advice I'll give it a go as soon as I get home tonight
  9. hannu

    4Rt Quality ?

    Sorry S.E. LUCAS I don't speak or write Australian only the Queens English so I will attempt to speak or write as slow and simple as possible so that you may get some understanding. If that fails please try Google translator I never actually said the bearing was missing, what I did say was NO BEARING FITTED (post 51) this as I have already pointed out was to emphasise ( give special importance or value to (something) in speaking or writing) that no amount of maintenance would have made a difference should no bearing have been fitted. Yes I can see how this could have been misinterpreted ( interpret (something or someone) wrongly."I think you're misinterpreting the situation") and for this I have apologised. Yes I said the seal keeps out water, and stand by that, UNLESS the seal has been deformed (misshaped or damaged) so that it cannot make that seal. Yes I would say water had discoloured the needles that why I couldn't see them and yes the needles were not moving because the bearing case had been deformed (not having the normal or natural shape or form) due to incorrect fitting therefore locking the needles. (the needle rollers would not roll like they should in a bearing ! ) NO if I had greased the bearing earlier all I would have found in the damaged bearing and seal earlier !!!!!!. All the other dog bone bearings were clean, dry and in full working order ! NO I say nothing about lack of maintenance because any amount of maintenance would not have made a difference in this case !!! SO IF I HAD GREASED THE BEARING I WOULD STILL HAVE HAD THE PROBLEM BECAUSE IT WASNT FITTED CORRECTLY IN THE FIRST PLACE BY MONTESA. So S.E. Lucas you can read (or have friends that can) as you quite correctly point out that other trials bike manufacturers use braketec front brakes. Maintenance issue causing the problem of the lever slowly making its way to the bar ? I would be delighted if you could give me a little advice on this point and tell me what maintenance I should have been doing to prevent this as you clearly have a vast amount of superior knowledge to me on trails bikes. I only built championship winning rally cars for Ford and Talbot back in the eighties, don't really know what all these letters behind my name mean I think its something to do with motor engineering. My best guess would be contaminated brake fluid. (bits in the fluid that should be there like water) or maybe fluid seeping (passing) worn seals in the master cylinder. But I would appreciate your advice
  10. hannu

    4Rt Quality ?

    Thanks Guys, Don't think the gearbox is leaving the oil in too long as I changed it after the first event then together with the engine oil I change it every fourth event oil filter every six. I know there is another thread on here regarding types of oil but the one I used was supplied by the selling dealer and the one I use now fulfils all the manufactures specifications.
  11. hannu

    4Rt Quality ?

    Please read the full thread, the swinging arm bearing fault has absolutely nothing to do with lack of maintenance. Neither I suspect is the fact that the front brake lever slowly makes its way to the bar if held on, or that the bike starts to move forward if held on the clutch longer than a minute or so when warm.
  12. hannu

    4Rt Quality ?

    Well I cant put down what I thought having read this post, Think I've explained the "bearing missing" part above and apologised for any confusion, Have you looked at the photographs ? can you see needle rollers in the race other than the last photo when I had soaked the bearing in degreaser and cleaned it up ? and bear in mind that at post 40 the bearing was still in the bike. Unfair to Montesa Honda ? really ! My opinion (and that's what my post are) is that if the bike had no bearing fitted, that's forgetful If the bearing is incorrectly fitted, that's bad workmanship and leads me to wonder what else has been poorly fitted that may lead to failure. I paid over £5000 for my bike so I think I'm entitled to MY opinion, or do you disagree ? Teddy back in the pram
  13. hannu

    4Rt Quality ?

    Yep apologies if you got that impression, post 42 "appears to be a bearing missing" post 51 my attempt to point out that if the bearing wasn't there it would not be down to a lack of servicing. Could have worded it better. I could not see the bearing when the sleeve was removed, I thought the photo's may have clarified the point. Sorry for any confusion
  14. hannu

    4Rt Quality ?

    If you read the thread I didn't actually say the bearing was missing, I said the needle rollers were missing and at that stage I hadn't removed them from the bike. When in situ I could not see the needles, once removed (as can be seen in the pictures) I found that the needles were blackened because the seal had been forced in damaging both the seal and the bearing to the extent the needles had seized, therefore not working.
  15. hannu

    Fork Oil Change

    The 4rt 2014 workshop manual seems to suggest that to change the fork oil you have to drain the old oil out by removing the fork legs and pouring it out of the top ? No drain ?
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