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  1. Hi Primodious, Could I have a copy please Dale2airton@hotmail.com
  2. Hi guys, Does anyone have, or know where I can get hold of the 07rtl250fkit part No: 38771-NLC-000 dual map software, I have the 05rtl250fkit software but it is only single map.
  3. Eddy legeune on his mighty honda, showing how a twinshocker can be ridden, enjoy !!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EabFOniRK4
  4. Many thanks Gerry, I will try the contact you have given me first, if not successfull, would you still be able to do me a scan, many thanks Dale.
  5. Hi there, would anybody have, or know of anywhere I can get parts listing and manual in PDF or other digital format for my Fantic Section 1995, I know they only did a manual in Italian which is not a problem, any help would be appreciated, many thanks, oh by the way does anybody know of any practice areas around the mansfield/chesterfield/worksop areas, many thanks !!!!
  6. Save or print these, 305 info sheets, http://s292.photobucket.com/albums/mm22/fa...c5seriesmanual/ I have my air screw out at 1.5 turns on my 305.
  7. Great night, Bou once again proved to be the Man, buts whats the new format all about ??, made things very complicated, some good riders went out because of a race, I thought this was Trials based on balance and inch perfect precision, not Enduro Cross.
  8. Hi there, have just aquired a 1995 fantic section 249r, black and orange model, does anybody know were I would be able to get a manual and parts list from, any help would be appreciated, and what would be the best petrol oil ratios, many thanks !!!!!
  9. Ordered my tie downs, received them the next day, pleasant transaction (-:
  10. http://fwd.five.tv/videos/ross-noble-and-dougie-lampkin
  11. A few pics from british world round at Nord Vue Carlilse I took (-:
  12. Hi all, finally getting a tow bar fitted to car, anyone know of anywhere around the worksop area, that is good for practicing without getting in trouble with the law, many thanks !!!
  13. There's one on ebay at the moment http://tinyurl.com/dcn4k6
  14. dmck_fantic

    New Swm

    This UK site may be of help to you, sells swm parts, bottom of page link to exploded parts diagrams. http://www.motoswm.com/
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