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  1. Hi Anyone using the quick load style of bike stand, and if so are they good and what brand is best? Or continue with the straps
  2. jfc

    Fantic 200 156

    Thanks Paul, that’s brilliant. Great bikes if I get stuck I will drop you a msg but will try not to bother you! Thanks again John
  3. jfc

    Fantic 200 156

    Hi, bit of a long shot but trying to find a scanned copy of an engine manual / parts diagram for a 200 (156) rear kicking fantic. It would be great if anyone could point me in the right direction, I have tried lots of websites but nothing that is complete just the old page or two from the original manual! John
  4. Have you turned the bike upside down with the plug out to remove the excess fuel from the crank, turn it over by hand with the kickstart pushing out the fuel through the plug hole. (Make sure the spark plug is well away from the fuel!) check carb float and needle are working as it sounds like the fuel is just over filling the carb!
  5. Sounds like your capacitor was reacting correctly, but you need to use a capacitor tester or a multi meter that can read the capacitor. All you are doing by reading the resistance between the terminals is gradually charging the capacitor and the resistance reading will change until you get OL on the display. Check your meter to see if you can set it to uf!
  6. Check swinging arm spindle is tight!
  7. I am using the beta factory tail pipe completely changed the bike without any change to jetting! Enjoy!!
  8. This is from the evo 4T
  9. I seem to remember that the Rev 4t mudgaurd was not as expensive and fitted the rev3 (possibly black)!
  10. It comes from the factory blanked off but not quite like that.
  11. I think the spring side should face the pressurised side, so the open side of the seal should be in the coolant side of the pump.
  12. How many time have you changed the oil? You may need to change the oil a couple of times to remove all of the contaminated oil.
  13. Clutch out in neutral rattle can sound bad but is completely normal!
  14. Couple of sets of forks on eBay, also one stantions for £50.00 with slight damage. Gas gas have been using the same stantions since 2009 / 10 up until 2015 so find an old set of forks and swap out the stantions.
  15. jfc

    Adam Raga

    Sorry removed post!
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