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  1. +1 for the progressive spring. I wouldn't go back to standard. Also i've experimented with different weight oil. I'm using 7wt now and I enjoy it, all the bigger slams feel quite plush. Mine is '12 Evo
  2. Sounds like the bike is overheating(if it's not overfilled). Is the fan turning on and running ok? I had such symptoms when breather from the fuel cap was blocked. This leads to fuel starvation-> lean running-> overheating-> then coolant loss. Might be a good idea to check this too.
  3. I had the same ajp setup on beta. Tried the galfer pads - brake was a bit stronger. Now using monoblock+ master cylinder from braktec. Had to use hose + banjo fitting which you can easily get from splatshop.co.uk. They have a range of venhill hoses and fittings for it- works perfect. Now I can really enjoy the stopping power and play with stoppies, ride downhill on the front wheel with a lot of control. Well worth it IMO and I could not get stopping power that I wanted from the stock setup. And I havent tried a wavey disc yet - it should be even better then.
  4. NIce bike! I also have my beloved '12 Beta 4t. I did a couple of mods to it. braktec master cylinders + monobloc caliper. Finally have a really responsive front brake, brilliant for stoppies and just full control when going downhill. Clutch master improved the clutch feel & response and has lighter pull. For the front suspension, I'm using progressive spring and recently using 7.5wt oil and that changed the response of fork for better. Bigger jumps are much better handled. I've put an Ohlins in the back. Big improvement - traction is really good now and good for bigger jumps, it's nice & smooth. Had a 10t front sprocket, but found that 1st gear is rarely used, and 2nd was v low too. Now i'm using 11t and think it's the better option, but I'm using arrow exhaust so have more punch. Now the 1st is much more usable. And generally rides better - especially after doing jumps, there is not so much engine braking when landing and bike behaves a bit better for me. Gonna keep it for a long time. Nothing has such a grip as me 4t.
  5. Everytime I wash my bike (no jet wash), after i'm done I am drying it with yellow cheap Vacuum cleaner from Lidl (you can use it as a blower with hose attached to the back of it). It's the best method to dry your bike and drive water out from all crevices and hard to reach areas. No need to turn on bike after that.
  6. Beta 4t 300 with original exhaust is nearly unnoticeable when riding. So quiet - I have no problems practising in my backyard and neighbours are 20m away.
  7. 661 SIxsixOne gloves for mtb - you can get great deals on them on ebay (last time paid less than 10). They have Many glove styles - all work great with trials/mtb
  8. klonheadd

    Beta parts?

  9. move your but more to be on top of rear wheel when starting pogo, when landing bend knees and keep body weight at the rear
  10. very handy thing - 5min job with that : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hand-Held-Brake-Bleeder-Tester-Set-Bleed-Kit-Vacuum-Pump-Car-Motorbike-Bleeding/182621780363?epid=1756744762&hash=item2a851b398b:g:roEAAOxydlFSuVvP
  11. Biggest change in clutch performance I have experienced was when I have upgraded clutch master cylinder to new Braktec master cylinder (same as on factory models and rest of new trials bikes). It brought a lot of feel and much more progressive action together with making clutch slightly easier to pull. I have a really well controllable clutch now. Still looking into getting upgraded clutch plates though for max gains If it comes to oil, I want to test Repsol 10w50 fully synthetic, after trying Motul 7100 as it's in good price.
  12. It's only a recent repair so I don't know yet. Will post more after couple more hours of use.
  13. I've documented soles repair I did in this topic here :
  14. And finally this is how the soles look after 1 hour test ride in woods. When I was riding I lost some confidence in this fix and thought I would easily get through the shoe-goo patch. But to my surprise, riding hasn’t done almost any damage at all. I am impressed by how well shoe-goo has glued to rest of the sole. That fix should last a good while and you can always put some new layers of shoe-goo on top of old ones.
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