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  1. dmc2028372


    Can’t see anyone coming close to dibs. Unless he has a serious mechanical issue. He knows he’s got the measure of jack price, just needs to focus on low observation, I would think a ‘steady’ pace for him won’t be more than a couple of minutes behind Jp and Jp!
  2. dmc2028372


    What’s happened to dan peace?
  3. I would love to see him crack the top 5 but I think he’s had his best chance. Always thought he road best on a gg
  4. It’s all a complete pile of pants! We’ve all had this discussion many times over. Just put a 90 second time limit on it and let them carry on! Simple and clear. If they are out of time it’s a 5 and that’s that. They same riders will still finish in the same position. No arguments, no did he, didn’t he. Even down to club level. Let them do what they want. It won’t make any difference to the average club men anyway as they can’t to the trick stuff!
  5. Fair enough, but you don’t get foot peg mounts bending on a trs. Anyway, let’s not worry about it considering the latest news..
  6. Build quality dubious compared to the trs mind
  7. Hi. Anyone else experienced problems with the front brake? My 18 Factory evo has a ***** brake. It almost takes a few fingers pull to lock the wheel. It feels slightly spongy but not serious. It just seems like the pads aren’t biting at all. A mate of mine said the original pads from new are too harder compound. Any ideas/recommendations? Thanks
  8. Why spend 10k on a vertigo titanium when a trs, jotagas or gg is virtually the same weight!!!
  9. Hi Andy. Whatever happened to the Toby Martin appeal?
  10. Just to clarify gents, the bike is as sweet as a nut on low revs, but when revved under load it does make a pinking/faint knocking noise. I’m fairly sure it must be carb issues!!!
  11. Morning all. Recently bought a little used 18 factory evo 300 that when revved under load the engine almost ‘pings’ as if it’s running a little lean. Has anyone else had this issue? Is it carb adjustment/setup needed or is this just the way they are? Thanks
  12. When do we expect to see the 19 factory? Any idea on projected price?
  13. How do. Are there many differences between the 300 factory bike between the 17 and 18 models. A mate of mine who has had both says the 18 is the much better bike, suspension, clutch etc. Reading up on the specs and claimed improvements there doesn’t seem to be any difference?!!! Your thoughts please. Is there 18 spec factory bike a big improvement over the standard black model?
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