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  1. I'm guessing some new graphics
  2. Would it be ok for a proper trial like say the Jack Wood ? or any other road based national ? For 9K it must be amazing .....
  3. What happens if you need to tighten the Spokes in the future ?
  4. So reading between the lines , Sport 7 were forced out over the press release concerning the Trial 2 debacle ?
  5. They were my thoughts too . I have heard many stories over the years about blatant cheating at World Trials , but would have assumed with everyone pointing camera phones at everything nowadays that this would be more and more difficult to get away with. Makes you wonder how the non factory riders find the motovation to carry on
  6. So was there ever a conclusion to the FIM investigation into the Trial 2 situation ? Sport 7 were fairly vocal at the time but all has gone quiet since ? Was this a factor in the split i wonder ?
  7. Full story Reasons ? Thoughts ? Anything to do with recent press releases ? Please discuss
  8. So ........ Is there any further information on the situation that arose at the final WTC round concerning the 'overruling' incident ?
  9. WTC is so far away from real everyday Trials these days it's almost like a different sport . Rules are unenforceable and don't work , which makes the whole thing a farce .Must be a nightmare unless you're Spanish ......
  10. Just seen this on Face book Very happy that Vertigo UK is open and ready to take orders for the new Combat £5750 01756 611995 info@vertigomotors.co.uk
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