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  1. What's the condition of the hub like ? I would get it re lined if it's worn . You can get this done without taking the wheel apart.
  2. This has gone slightly off Topic . I was referring to the ' Reporting and therefore the Promoting of Ladies and Girls Trials ,not the numbers competing.
  3. Is there anywhere that reports on Ladies and Girls in UK Trials ? I thought there used to be a Specific Forum on here ? I've looked on other Trials related websites and I'm struggling to find any coverage ? With Ladies and Girls sports (especially ball sports) being heavily promoted I'm unsure why Trials is lagging behind ? Or maybe i missed something ?
  4. Which model RD350 is that from ? The one with the link pipe hole in the top ?
  5. Having ridden and been involved in motorcycle trials since the mid 1970's i think i have some experience and knowledge of the subject in question. My opinion is based on how i see things and may or may not be different to yours and or others . That in itself does not make it right or wrong. If my opinion does not match with yours then so be it , it's how i see things based on the knowledge and experience i have . Your issue across several platforms is that you seem to have this desire to prove everyone wrong and yourself right . That's your perogative , it doesn't bother me in the slightest , i actually think it's quite funny , and observe many who regularly throw you a bone and watch you chase it . This of course is merely my opinion and bound to be wrong , but let's not fall out about it . Life is too short for that . Yours in sport ?
  6. ???- must remember not to have an opinion that differs to the master . Merry Christmas.
  7. You got me mixed up with somebody else , don't recall a personal attack ? just an observation . Merry Christmas .
  8. You'll have to get used to that on here . It's no wonder why very few even bother to look on TC these days .
  9. I think in its current format it's not working and i don't like it . I don't need to travel hundreds of miles and get fleeced at the gate to be bored by an irrelevant show. It's just my opinion , I'm not trying to convince you or anyone else , just chipping in my thoughts , i thought that's what forums were for ? Or is it who shouts loudest is always right these days ?
  10. None Andrew , and mostly for all the reasons i've listed !
  11. World Trials is so far away from what Trials is in the UK they'd be better off rebranding it as say ' Extreme Trials '. It's also boring to watch , turn , big step , turn , big step etc etc . The rules are not consistently enforced There is little or no promotion whatsoever since Jake stopped his involvement (say what you like about J.Miller but he had the right idea with the free / live streaming) There is no real money in it unless you make the top 5 . Honda have a financial advantage over the others and can basically afford anything they need . Too many Spanish style sections . Sorry if these points have already been covered , i couldn't be bothered to read all the argumentative comments above ?
  12. I'm guessing some new graphics
  13. Would it be ok for a proper trial like say the Jack Wood ? or any other road based national ? For 9K it must be amazing .....
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