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  1. Saw that Miguel has a Gasser to ride, but where are you getting Aniol's TRS news from Nick?
  2. Billy Green to Montesa, Toby old ride?
  3. daz14

    Team Gasgas

    not to mention he does not ride trials at the moment
  4. It's got the wrong swinging arm sticker (possibly a later model) and I'm pretty sure the 04 models and possibly later had a red anodised rear shock. The frame number should tell you the year as well.
  5. daz14

    Beta Evo Running Hot

    Does not seem to be losing any fluid Peter. I've never seen or heard of anyone else having a beta ( or any other bike) run so hot that it melts the front guard in this country. My Dad has the same guard on his 2013 and it has no signs of melting. Also the silencer gets overly hot. So much so I actually burnt my arm loading it onto the trailer after an event.
  6. daz14

    Beta Evo Running Hot

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a 2015 250 beta evo and I have an ongoing problem with it running really hot, so much so that it is melting the plastic cover on the exhaust. The fan seems to run constantly as soon as it warms up. I have fitted jitsie high volume water pump kit and it has not made any difference. Has anyone experienced this issue and could possibly offer any solution or advice? thanks, Daz
  7. daz14

    Kickstart Question

    Hi everyone, whilst riding my 2014 Evo at the weekend I seemed to have lost the countersunk bolt that holds the kickstart to the knuckle. As it seems these are not listed as a space to by I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the correct size of the bolt is as I'd rather not splash out 90 quid for a whole new kickstart when the one I have is perfectly good. Any help would be appreciated. It's the bolt pictured here
  8. Try Richard Allen, he may have a second hand fan. http://www.allensusedtrialsspares.co.uk/#
  9. Am I missing something? Where is Dibs and jack?!?
  10. Did you get the email from me David?
  11. I can email them too you if you let me have your address.
  12. Wow your getting every where today, TC and facebook!
  13. Trialscast pegs are excellent, I'd definately buy another set. there not overly light but I've had them on 2 bikes so far and they have hardly worn and there is no sign of them starting to sag.
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