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  1. Jumping onto this thread abit ,my apologies but has anyone tried a 2022 260 yet? It’s had a fair amount of upgrades over the 2020 with Showa front and back and the new exhaust ,I’m really fancying one and the price is very attractive but I don’t know how it would weigh up against the 301??
  2. Jitsie are advertising big news coming on the 1/12/2021 I wonder if they’re going to unveil their own trials machine? I always wondered why no one bought all the tooling for the ossa bikes when they folded with gas gas ,they’d still be a good machine now with abit of an update .especially when the likes jotagas can still keep going
  3. Hi every one I know this has been covered a few times but I haven’t been able to find a step by step guide on how to actually remove the additional weight that’s pressed onto the gear on an evo ?I’m going to remove the flywheel weight aswell (Covid boredom+intrigue) I believe that a puller is needed for the gear side aswell to remove it ? Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated
  4. Thanks for the replies lads much appreciated , so the 3mm thick plates go back and front do they? Eric your right when I took the clutch pack out it was all stuck together in one big mess.when I was riding yesterday my clutch was gradually getting worse and worse to the point where I had to wind the adjuster all the way in to have any clutch at all! Looking forward to seeing the results after I’ve done it , I’ll keep you posted
  5. Just removed my plates to do the mod , I appear to have two different types of plate , all but 2 of them have larger gaps between the tabs.the one on the left on the photo is really sticky and looks like it will benefit from the mod ,the others look ok , am I missing something?
  6. World 125 junior champion Kieran touly has given up on trials the year after his championship win due to no funding or manufacture support from scorpa/Sherco .Bad news for the sport imo ,is this what modern day world trials has become ?an elite sport where serious backing or a large wallet is more important than talent ?
  7. hgas

    Factory 2020

    For Anyone wondering what the new factory model is going to look like , There was a video streamed live of loris gubian testing it today on Facebook ,not sure if it was by accident as it hasn’t been released yet ?basically it’s got gold wheels and a lot of blue and red very similar to the 2018 factory from what I could make out
  8. Ridiculous answer ^, you’ve got plenty of options really , you can either buy new bars or bar riser sets ,the standard bars are 4.5 inch you can get a set of renthal fat bars in 5.0 rise or jitsie and apico do 5.0 5.5 or 6 inch rise
  9. From what I’ve seen in the past 2 days On social media and given his southern experts result He already looks to be riding better !I think it’s a good move , he just hasn’t looked comfortable at all on that beta this year ,good luck to him
  10. It’s on a beta so the clamps are part of the top yoke hence needing the shims, always preferred the feel of braced bars it’s just a personal thing , not necessarily weaker just a different set up , Michael brown and dan Thorpe up until very recently have always used the older style renthals
  11. Sorry yes it is , basically I want to run a standard pair of renthal braced bars in the same clamps that are designed for the braceless renthal fatbars ? The old type are described as 7/8 handlebar whereas the fat bars are described as 1/8 so I’m not sure what this refers to?
  12. Anyone know where I can get hold of some shims to take the handlebar clamp diameter down from 1/8 to 7/8 ? I’ve checked flea bay but can only find some that will be shipped from China so don’t fancy them ,any ideas ??
  13. Something in the pipeline then dabster? Like I say I hope there is he’s too good to stop now
  14. The more time passes the more I think maybe Dabill just couldn’t. Get a factory ride for next year ? He’s out of contract with beta although he’s still down to ride Sheffield , such a shame if he does bow out without a trial gp win has he’s more than capable it’s just never happened for him
  15. where’s he off to then? Scorpa maybe?cant think where else dibs could go now
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