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  1. I agree I think it would be a shame if dibs did call it a day he had his best ever result on a vertigo and it seemed to suit him well so hopefully he will finish his career off there , all the other rumours are looking less likely. Now apart from maybe casales to gasgas like you said I’d imagine they’ll want a Spanish number one factory rider and he’s got massive potential still
  2. I noticed that whilst dabill was winning the Scott there was a big beta gathering in Italy and dabill hasnt thanked beta on his social media posts so definitely looks like he’s on the move ,
  3. hgas


    Here’s my guess , jack price will set standard time and be first man home , Dibs will win on observation by a very slim margin
  4. I agree that’s probably the most likely outcome , hope he doesn’t retire before he cracks the top 5
  5. Some interesting rider change rumours for 2020 coming from across the pond ! Busto and Miquel gelabert to beta , jorge casales to gasgas ,aniol gelabert to trs and James dabill and Franze kadlec to both quit altogether !time will soon tell if any of it is true , I can’t see dabill calling it a day yet though and kadlec has had a good year so seems strange for him to stop ,it would also leave vertigo with no riders at all which I can’t see
  6. Didn’t see that coming! So the real question now is who goes where , gasgas fresh with ktm money might have a bigger budget to snag a top 5 rider , casalez and dabill are both at the end of there 2 year deals ,casalez number one gg rider maybe and dabill back to vertigo ?
  7. hgas

    Front forks

    Thanks for the replies guys I think I’ve solved it , the damper rod had unscrewed itself from the top cap of the fork so basically the damper was just sat in there doing nothing,I threaded it back on and tightened the lock nut underneath then collapsed it and refilled it , seems a lot better now 👍
  8. hgas

    Front forks

    One side is weeping slightly but nothing major , could it be just an issue of not enough oil ? I followed the guideline to collapse the fork and fill enough to leave an air gap so maybe I’ll just have to repeat the process ?
  9. hgas

    Front forks

    Changed my front fork seals a few months back , they seemed ok at first /a little on the soft side however I’ve ridden a couple of times since and the forks have gone softer and softer and now they are very springy and bottom out after a wheelie , I used belray oil as reccomended , anyone know where I’ve gone wrong?
  10. If it starts easier when it’s been on it’s side then it sounds like a float bowl problem ,is it leaking petrol out of any of the over flow pipes when you turn the petrol tap on? take the carb apart again and check the pin is properly in place which the 2 floats pivot on , also check the jet under neath the floats is opening and closing properly when you lift the floats up by hand , sometimes it gets abit gungy in there and can cause the floats to stick open and make the bike run like a pig
  11. Toni bou has won every indoor and outdoor title since 2007, that’s 12 years of complete domination and I just can’t see an end to it any time soon !,busto has faded since leaving Honda and the top 4 riders in nearly every trial gp are the old guard Fuji/raga/fajardo and bou , what’s people’s opinion on why new riders arn’t coming through ? I tipped miquel gelabert and Benoit vincas for great things this year but they are both having shockers and oriol noguera has been knocking on the door of the top ten for a few years but he’s given up and gone home
  12. It doesn’t neccesarily mean that the bikes been well used , this is a big problem with betas , I’ve seen 2018 models that haven’t done a lot and this has started happening , look for other signs of usage, check underneath the sump guard see what that’s like , make sure you listen to the bike for any rattles or knocks .also have a good look at the front pipe you’ll know if it’s been well ridden if it’s covered in dents and scratches as this is a tell tale sign on the evos, good luck !
  13. hgas

    Future of Gasgas

    Marc colomer has also gone as gas gas team manager ,not confirmed if he’s left or been dropped
  14. So it looks like this year we have no live qualifying ,no live sections via jitsie ,no 26 minute highlight videos on YouTube available a couple of days after the events and now I’ve just noticed the past 2 years have been deleted from YouTube aswell, what are the fim trying to achieve??video coverage has been excellent and now we’ve got nothing ,very poor
  15. i Would of thought there would of been some sort of announcement by now ??maybe he is taking a year out,I hope not
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