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  1. Toni bou has won every indoor and outdoor title since 2007, that’s 12 years of complete domination and I just can’t see an end to it any time soon !,busto has faded since leaving Honda and the top 4 riders in nearly every trial gp are the old guard Fuji/raga/fajardo and bou , what’s people’s opinion on why new riders arn’t coming through ? I tipped miquel gelabert and Benoit vincas for great things this year but they are both having shockers and oriol noguera has been knocking on the door of the top ten for a few years but he’s given up and gone home
  2. It doesn’t neccesarily mean that the bikes been well used , this is a big problem with betas , I’ve seen 2018 models that haven’t done a lot and this has started happening , look for other signs of usage, check underneath the sump guard see what that’s like , make sure you listen to the bike for any rattles or knocks .also have a good look at the front pipe you’ll know if it’s been well ridden if it’s covered in dents and scratches as this is a tell tale sign on the evos, good luck !
  3. hgas

    Future of Gasgas

    Marc colomer has also gone as gas gas team manager ,not confirmed if he’s left or been dropped
  4. So it looks like this year we have no live qualifying ,no live sections via jitsie ,no 26 minute highlight videos on YouTube available a couple of days after the events and now I’ve just noticed the past 2 years have been deleted from YouTube aswell, what are the fim trying to achieve??video coverage has been excellent and now we’ve got nothing ,very poor
  5. i Would of thought there would of been some sort of announcement by now ??maybe he is taking a year out,I hope not
  6. hgas


    Right who’s your top 3 this year then? A lot of hype over mr lampkin this year , loads of videos floating around about his prep and stuff and he’s looking real sharp , after dabills cruel luck last year I think he will be very hungry for the win , who else could be in the mix , my top 3 is lampkin pushed close by dabill and then long shot a top national lad maybe dan Thorpe /Richard Sadler
  7. hgas

    Beta Front Forks

    I’ve just rebuilt my front forks with new fork seals , I’m now finding the forks very soft they don’t bottom out but they’re not far off ,I’ve used belray 7.5 and I followed the guide of 60 ml air gap in the damper side and 120 spring side , my question is can I just unscrew the top caps and add more oil to stiffen them up?
  8. hgas

    Couple of issues

    Thanks for your help everyone problem now solved , the thread was damaged right at the start of the thread that’s why it wouldn’t go in ,re tapped it and went straight back in , its an18mm tap with a 1.5mm pitch if anyone needs the info 👍
  9. I had exactly the same problem yesterday I even rang lampkins and they said it should just pull out , in the end I got a really small screw driver and prized it down the side of the bush then got a set of pointy nose pliers and yanked it out , took a lot of force though
  10. hgas

    Couple of issues

    Hi yes thats what I meant by the other side I’ve tried it without the wheel and in from the disc side and it was still tight at the end of the thread , I’m beginning to think it needs re tapping I just can’t see any other reason why it’s so hard to screw in
  11. hgas

    Couple of issues

    It was tight coming out when it unthreaded instead of just winding all the way it it tried to push the forks apart (the mudguard and brace where taken off)but I noticed fairly quickly and just tapped it through , the spindle threads into the fork leg from the other way fine so I know the threads ok as I was worried it had cross threaded
  12. hgas

    Couple of issues

    This is as far as I can get it in before it goes tight , any ideas anyone?
  13. hgas

    Couple of issues

    Thanks for that pindie !what I mean is Ivan get the spindle through the wheel and in to the opposite fork leg but then it gets very tight towards the end of the thread I can’t physically turn it any more and I’ve got about 35mm of the spindle still sticking out of the fork leg , the only thing I can think is that my spindle is bent but it looks fine ?
  14. hgas

    Couple of issues

    Right need a bit of urgent help , first problem is I’ve just put forks back together after changing the seals , left fork with the spring in is fine but the right fork with the damper seems to push down really easily and takes ages to come back up?? Next problem is the front spindle is really hard to get back in it goes through the wheel ok but after that it’s mega tight to thread in feels like I’m forcing something? Fork leg pinch bolts are wound right off, help please!?
  15. hgas

    Beta Front Forks

    Just serviced my forks Can someone tell me how much fork oil goes in each fork ?
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