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  1. Whats the deal with the radiator coolant check on these bikes? I can find no info in the owners or workshop manual on checking or topping up. I see what seems to be a breather or pressure relief valve next to a small plug that I cannot get a tool to fit.
  2. OK so what I have gathered from all this information is that the standard Sherco bars are probably rubbish and I should go lower with a set of Renthals. Suck it up, roll the bars forward and bend my legs more:) So which Renthals? I need to keep a spare set of bars in stock, ( along with almost every other breakable part as I live on a tiny Island in the middle of the Indian Ocean!)
  3. So Lineaway, impart some wisdom, I am 6ft 1". What bend ,what bar, what height. hgas make it easier for me. Choose one! I'm an ex Mxer and a bit lost here.
  4. I am sure this topic has been hammered out, however what would the best aftermarket high rise bars be to fit my new Sherco ?
  5. I cannot find any literature on adjusting this shock. It has what I assume is a rebound ( or compression ) clicker on top. Anyone know which way turning it slows or speeds things up? The standard black spring seems a bit soft for my 84 KG with not much bounce to get things hopping. Any suggestions on setting this puppy up properly.
  6. Jitsie makes a nice seat, stick on with double sided tape and Velcro. Looks neat and made for trial bikes in matching colors.
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