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  1. Thanks for the reply guys. Think i might have to go for the Beta tank seat setup
  2. I've a Beta evo 300 that I fancy taking with me to next years iom TT. I'm going to do some off road stuff but I'd also like to use it to get about on. I don't fancy standing up for miles though. Has anyone any experience with aftermarket seats ? I have seen the Beta seat tank unit but it doesn't really look £500 worth.
  3. Does anyone know if the vertical quick release fitment for the swan neck on the UR towbars from Towequipe are the same fitting as the witter quick release ?
  4. DanM

    MX clothing

    Thank you for your great reply
  5. DanM

    MX clothing

    Does MX trousers and jerseys differ much from trails equivalents. MX gear seems better value and more options.
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