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  1. Heck maybe if you put the groove in it with the hot screwdriver you can just keep using it like that!
  2. I highly doubt KTM would drop the KTM brand from their off-road lineup. It’s their flagship “ready to race” brand. And it’s done phenomenally well for the past 20 years.
  3. I’m glad you followed through. Keep experimenting and show us some demo riding with it when you get the chance!
  4. I’m in the “you already have a lever for that” camp. The clutch. Loosen your grip. This is not a Wave Runner where there’s no brake or clutch lever to fuss with, and where throttle inputs can be imprecise.
  5. You can adjust spoke tension a bit, but if the rim is wobbly and out of true, I would remove the tire, put it on a stand, lube every spoke nipple, and true it carefully.
  6. Relevant. You don’t need to land on the gas like in MX. But pay attention to what Ryno is saying about body position and your knees. From your pics it looks like as you land you are falling back and down into a squat and pulling on the bars a bit, just as Ryan warns can happen in an mx jump landing.
  7. The choke richens the mixture for starting. Pushing it back in lets in more air, leaning out the mixture. So you have a lean surge condition. You need more fuel or less air. To rectify, try turning the air screw in (clockwise). That will let less air in at idle. Try turning it in quarter turn increments. Normal range for the air screw is 1.5 turns out (counterclockwise) from fully closed. If the air screw likes to be less than one turn out, then go up one size on the pilot jet to allow more fuel at idle. it’s also possible you have a torn carb boot which is letting air slip by, creating the lean condition you describe. But more likely you just need to richen the air screw for your climate, and possibly the pilot if the air screw isn’t enough.
  8. They were usually just shrink wrapped in cellophane. I have one additional thought for the original poster: heat the tire with a blow dryer or heat gun to soften it up. Then apply liberal WD-40 to both sides, and inflate, relax, inflate, relax, inflate to high pressure, hold it...it should pop right on. Try softening the tire with heat. Could be the piece you're missing.
  9. Once the hose snagged on the valve stem and I couldn’t get it off At 150psi the tube exploded. My ears rang for awhile. Eat protection would have been good, but I was changing a tire! sounds like you’re doing it right. Try a bit more pressure and lots of wd-40. Oh! Did you put some baby powder inside the tire to help the tube slip around inside? Always key.
  10. Nerve wracking, but I’ve gone to 100-110psi briefly when seating the bead on obstinate tires. If you have not done this yet, remove the valve core from the stem before inflating. this will allow air to rush in from your compressor quickly to snap the bead into place. A large compressor tank will help here as well; if you’re using an electric pump, mini compressor, or hand pump, that makes things tougher when it comes to recalcitrant tires. Plus, with the core removed, you can repeatedly fill and relax the tire in cycles, gradually working it into place. Inflate! Relax. Repeat. Reinstall the core after the bead pops into place. Then inflate to 30psi with the core in to be sure the tube is settled in well, and then bleed it down to 12 psi or whatever operating pressure you want. Also, I use WD-40 instead of soapy water. A tire with soap film will get slippery all over again when it gets wet, and it might slip on the rim. WD-40 is very slippery but evaporates in a couple minutes leaving your bead nice and sticky after it’s mounted. Where is this coming from, you may wonder? I used to work in a shop where I changed hundreds of tires.
  11. After drying with compressed air I use WD -40 on engine parts, rear brake spring, spoke nipples. Not on painted parts or plastic. I also use it as a tire lube.
  12. PakJeem


    What are LDTs? New to me.
  13. Anyone else just wear mx trousers? You can easily fit knee pads under there. For years I’ve worn roller skating knee pads underneath instead of moto specific pads or knee braces. Great flexibility and gives me more confidence.
  14. Good question. I ride on the balls of my feet so I have to shift my right foot slightly to tap the brake. If you weight the front by dropping your knees the front wheel will come right up on the rebound with just a touch of throttle. Usually just closing the throttle will be enough to bring a wheelie down.
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